"Keep Dancing!" - Newcastle Comes Dancing for Charity

Newcastle University holds it's very own 'Newcastle Comes Dancing'.

Edward Wenike-Cotterell
18th February 2022
Image credit: Max Pixel
On March 2nd the Student Union will play host to the Dance Club's extravaganza complete with "professional" and "celebrity" pairings -- all in the name of charity!

Preparations are well underway for a special night as they dance in honour of the Dragonfly Cancer Trust. Each duo will have ninety seconds to perform in a dance style of their choice. I spoke to one of the dynamic duos competing for the win. Jessica, the "professional" dancer and member of the club will take on the samba alongside one of the University's biggest names: Lucy, Zumba Society President!

After helping to quadruple the size of the Zumba Society to over 200 members, Lucy is taking on a new challenge in the form of competitive dancing. The duo's rehearsals began in the first week of February and Lucy says that despite being new to the samba, Jessica has been a "patient" and "super-talented" instructor.

When I asked about how they're feeling about their odds so far, Lucy told me that she's "hoping that energy and enthusiasm will get her through" even if the steps don't quite come naturally. They've even had time to squeeze some Minecraft trivia into their rehearsals for fun!

Credit: Twitter - @dragonflytweets

There will be 9 other couples competing for the win. They'll have to impress the judging panel including the Athletics Union Officer and the President of the Dance Club. Despite all the friendly competition, the aim of the show is to raise money for charity and the cause is truly worthy!

The Dragonfly Cancer Trust specialises in delivering experiences for young cancer patients in palliative care.

Helping give patients last-minute outings and crossing items off their bucket lists is their speciality. After the past 2 years, everyone involved is looking forward to dancing for a good cause in March and maybe picking up a few cheers along the way! Unlike the popular TV show, this is a strictly one-night event. Be there on Wednesday 2nd March. (Doors open 18:30)

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