Killing Eve returns (kind of)!

Patrick Harland reports on the mysterious new trailer for Killing Eve

Patrick Harland
16th February 2020
Credit: @KillingEve on Twitter
A mysterious trailer released yesterday gave a glimpse of the long awaited new season of the murderous thriller. The series, featuring Jodie Comer and Sandra Oh depicts the battle of wills between a spy and an assassin with various twists and turns to trip you along the way. A thoroughly enjoyable series so far with a perfect mix of drama and comedy, keeping what is a very dark story, light and entertaining.

The teaser trailer does well to maintain the energy and suspense of the show whilst keeping it all under wraps. There is some information we do glean from it about the series however, we find out it's release date, the 26th April.

Alongside the trailer a few stills have been released, one of which shows Eve (Sandra Oh) now working in a kitchen, whilst another shows Eve talking with Carolyn Martens (Fiona Shaw) in what appears to be a conversation neither is enjoying.

Although the trailer does not show us much, the fans of the series have a good idea of what it is they want to see from the new series. One fan Neve Francis said "I'm so excited to see how Villanelle and Eve's relationship develops, and really hope we see them explore what exactly they mean to one another. Plus I can't wait to see what Villanelle's going to be wearing this season! Summery Barcelona outfits perhaps?"

The mystery of the trailer is generating even more excitement for the new season than anything else! Keep an eye out for Killing Eve at the end of April.

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AUTHOR: Patrick Harland
Medicinal Chemistry graduate, Environmental Engineering MSc student. Science editor for The Courier 2019-2020.

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