Layering 101

Belinda Lloyd gives her best tips for keeping warm but looking stylish this winter.

Belinda Lloyd
25th November 2019
Image: Martin Vorel (Libre shot)

It feels almost impossible to look somewhat fashionable when it’s baltic outside and any attempt to wrap up warm makes us look and feel like Joey in that one Friends episode, but the good news is that luckily we’ve figured out how to layer Winter wear best.

Winter is coming. Auburn leaves are beginning to fall and it’s getting darker and colder the further we approach December but alas, nothing like a good turtleneck and sweatshirt will fix without making you look like the Michelin Man. 

When it comes to layering, literally anything will work for whatever the occasion. Turtlenecks are the items to go for when you feel like being warm but still cool; You can rock your favourite strappy Summer dress and layer it with a turtleneck, some funky necklaces, a thick leopard print or teddy-bear coat and a pair of tights and Doc Martens, creating a timeless look that’s perfect for any Christmas party (@luanna for inspo via Instagram). Though a good pair of Docs add a dash of grunge edge to your look, if this isn’t your style, you can pull an Ariana Grande and couple a pair of heels with some ankle socks for a cute but warm (that’s the main priority) look. 

No matter how much we try and bring back summer fashion, we have to face the reality that we’re stuck with cozy cardigans and snug socks. Winter wear allows you to channel any kind of celebrity style possible as it accommodates to anyone; with @fashioninflux and @bestdressed being good sources for style inspo, anyone could pull off a knitted cardigan/sweater with a pair of mom jeans and a good bobble hat.

Instagram: @fashioninflux

The king of layering has to be Bender from The Breakfast Club and we need to take a few pages out of his book to achieve maximum layering when the weather gets colder. The 80’s bad boy that made us all wish we were Claire pulled off the tens of layers he wore to that Saturday detention session. It started off with the long sleeved t-shirt shrouded with a vintage (I mean, for us it’s vintage) flannel shirt which was then finished off with a denim jacket and Tweed coat and a good scarf. 

Now you’ve got your inspiration, it’s deciding what to wear with all of your newfound options and pulling it off for the seasons to come.

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