Less is more: A beginners guide to minimalism

Nusrat Angela is here to teach us a lesson in minimalist fashion...

Nusrat Jahin Angela
4th March 2019

While going over the top with your style is never a bad thing, some of us like to tone it down and still look like we are at the top of our fashion game. For those of you who are a fan of sleek and chic looks, minimalistic style is a well- deserved blessing. It allows you to portray your individual style without being too loud and get a nod from fashionistas.

For those of you who are starting this beautiful journey towards minimalistic fashion, or is simply fascinated by the concept, here’s a few tips to help you to effortlessly pull off a minimalistic style.

Choosing a minimalistic style does not mean you are restricted to a few nude, light colours. Though the majority of your wardrobe may be dominated by black, white and shades of soft colours, it can have pops of red and yellow here and there, according to your preference. All you have to know is how to work the different pieces together in moderation. Wear a red shirt with a white skirt or a yellow top with black pants. No colour is wrong as long as you know how to pull it off.

When it comes to minimalistic dressing, textures breath life back into your outfit. It is a fun way of adding zest into your style without overdoing it. Pleated skirts, knits with drapes and wool with ruffles can add the subtle boost your outfit needs. Minimalistic style does not always mean you have to stick to staples like white t shirt and skirts. You can add edge to the overall style by adding interesting cuts and shapes– a boxy cut makes your tee everything but basic while flared sleeves add some much-needed drama onto your white blouse.

Layering again is a great way to showcase your creativity. Pair a tight-fitted top with a pair of baggy trousers topped with a long-line jacket-giving off a chic layered look. Mix and match the subtle contrasts between neutral colours or opt for a monochromatic colour scheme- the possibilities are endless, and you will end up with an exciting outfit. Have some staples ready to match with almost anything though. This includes a black handbag or a black overcoat.

When it comes to accessories, the main factor to remember is that you should wear a statement piece rather than lots of jewelleries together. For example, rather than wearing a pair of earrings, a necklace, and a few bracelets with your chosen outfit, no matter how well all those items look together, wear one of these items. That will be the statement piece, bringing all the attention towards it. Minimalistic style does not mean you can’t wear big or loud jewelleries, but it rather means you have to know how to wear them individually. Carry that one significant piece of jewellery, no matter how small, with suave and style. Go for solitaire diamond earrings, a thin gold necklace with a tiny pendant or delicate rings. Try to avoid chunky cocktail rings or necklaces emblazoned with your name.

And finally, if you need inspiration, you can check out the styles of these minimalist fashion bloggers to get some fresh ideas about the kind of concept you want to go for. Each of them has their individual niche among minimalistic styles and you can find something that may interest you. Caroline-Unfancy (@caroline_joy), Blair-Blair Bade (@blairbadge), Kathryn-Kat got the cream (@katgotthecream).

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