Little Comets at Boiler Shop

Alex Gervas reviews Little Comets' gig at the Boiler Shop.

Alex Gervas
25th November 2019
Last Friday Little Comets had a concert at The Boiler Shop with Heir as supporting act. 

The Boiler Shop was an interesting place for the concert. The bar had placed some tables at the back of the dance floor, where people could have a pint while listening to the band. And it did not matter where in the venue you would go, the sound was still great; and if you were tall enough, you could get to see the band perfectly.

As soon as Little Comet got onto the stage, the crowd went crazy. The audience was incredibly diverse. The attendees ranged from teens to middle-aged mothers and fathers who were giving it all on the dance floor, screaming out every lyric. Especially near the end, during “Dancing Song” every member of the audience was jumping up and down.

The band itself is formed just by Michael (lead guitar) and Robert Coles (lead vocals), and Matt Hall (bassist); but for their tour, they count on Matt Saxon (keyboards, samples) and Nathan Greene (drums). 

What I found impressive was how the band members could play more than one instrument at the same time, like Matt Saxon. Even at one point, Michael interchanged his guitar for Matt Hall’s bass. 

Without a doubt, the best part of all was the different range of styles within their songs; from rap to rocky-high-pitched guitar riffs or even reggae rhythms. Their music would also fit perfectly with the lyrics and the message of their songs.

The sense of small local gig was still there, despite the size of the venue. Especially after Little Comets announced they were going to re-record their first album. 

The concert was an overall beautiful experience. On top of it all, Little Comets organised a collection for the Tyneside-based Hospitality and Hope Foodbank.

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