Little Mix - Glory Days

Tamsin Daisy Rees reviews Little Mix's new album, Glory Days

Tamsin Daisy Rees
5th December 2016

Unpopular opinion: I fucking love shit chart music. I love Capital radio. The only reason I like going to the gym is for MTV playing the top 20 charts on repeat. I wholeheartedly, unironically love One Direction, Justin Bieber, Olly Murs and I’m seriously into Zayn’s solo album at the minute. Partly in reaction to a terrible boy I went out with when I was 16 - he despised Kate Nash who was my second love, after Avril Lavigne of course, and was convinced Bob Dylan was quite literally our musical saviour in 2011- and partly because it’s fucking fun. Who can say hand on heart they don’t bloody love a good dance, or a drive in the car with metro radio blasting?

So, in the name of journalism, I have spent the last 45 minutes scavenging through Little Mix’s latest album Glory Days and my sister just came into my room and asked “how does it feel to be Little Mix’s biggest fan?” I feel like I’m at a sleepover. I’m giggly and hysterical and have narrowed down the very best ones, so you don’t have to. You are very, very welcome.

Starting off: ‘Shout out to my ex’. Where do we even start? A catchy, brilliant, classic pop song. Lets also not forget their memorable performance on the X Factor earlier this year (obviously a reference to our Zayn and Perrie’s conscious uncoupling *cough*) which demonstrated the integrity and girl power vibes intrinsic to the band as they were totally into and supportive of one another. Well done Little Mix. You go girls.

“I feel like I’m at a sleepover - I’m giggly and hysterical”

Although ‘Oops’ sounds like something you’ve heard before (Maroon 5, The Spice Girls, Britney Spears) it is actually their best song and I would VOLUNTARILY listen to it again. Featuring Charlie Puth, Little Mix have created an impressive metaphysical hybrid of a retro 90’s vibe with a definite hint of High School Musical. ‘Your love’ is the perfect accompaniment to a glass of pink wine. Terrible lyrics but 100% will listen to again A LOT. Excellent cooking or showering song. Potentially a great make out song too (but only after a bottle of Lambrini). ‘Freak’ is an odd one. You could totally imagine cyborgs singing the opening ‘You don’t get these kisses for free’. I imagine this song is what Cosmopolitan magazine would recommend as part of a feminist anthem playlist before you go out on the town.

“Little Mix perfectly reflect the millennial generation”

After a strong start, unfortunately there are a few… anomalies. ‘Down and Dirty’, ‘Power’, and ‘Touch’ are just fucking awful. Like really really bad. I’m sorry Little Mix, I couldn’t listen to them all the way through.

Nonetheless; Little Mix reflects perfectly the millennial generation: our tastes are broad, and we engage and submerse ourselves in a range of genres. I think its also important to consider the misogynistic agenda of the media, and the clearly sexist narrative being perpetuated that they are not as ‘groundbreaking’ as One Direction despite the fact they actually WON X Factor and are a successful girl band in their own right.

Lets be fair, all pop music is pretty much a pile of wank. But at least its not pretentious wank.


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