Live Review: Don Broco at Northumbria Students Union

Emelia Wojcik heads down to Northumrbria to catch Don Broco's gig. This is a review you don't want to miss...

Emelia Wojcik
28th February 2018

Having been supported by fellow rock bands, Man with a Mission and Yonaka, Northumbria Student’s Union was already alive, waiting in anticipation for the arrival of the headline act, Don Broco...

Or, the majority of them were. The others, including me, were enough drinks in that we were ready for whatever the night was going to throw at us. Its just fortunate that what followed was a heavily animated atmosphere, and a night of decent enough music that not even losing my ID could ruin it.

Now I will be the first to admit, I don’t know everything there is to know about Don Broco, but I know enough. The band first garnered my attention when they supported the ever-growing pop-punk Australians, 5 Seconds of Summer, on part of their UK and Europe tour in 2016. Although this may have given the band extra publicity and helped them become more established, I was concerned at the time that it was a form of attention that would negatively affect the image Don Broco so clearly craved. I thought it was the wrong crowd; 5 Seconds of Summer were the next big boyband, composed of four lads in their late teens who attracted squealing adolescent girls like moths to a flame.

Monday night’s gig was a hive of activity, focused solely on hearing good music

Fortunately, it doesn’t seem to have had that effect on their fanbase. Comparatively, Monday night’s gig was a hive of activity, focused solely on hearing good music rather than seeing good faces. The crowd consisted of tall bearded males for the most part, and I only say this because in the all-standing venue, I could see more of them than I could of the stage. Especially when they clambered onto each other’s shoulders like a poorly stacked Jenga tower.

There was next to no audience interaction, but really, that’s not what we’re there for. Don Broco moved seamlessly through their setlist; their songs almost merging entirely into one. The subtle changes in lighting represented the albums from which the songs originated: the pink and blue colouring reminiscent of the cover of their second album, Automatic, whilst the red represented the tracks from their newest album, Technology. Unfortunately for me, in some cases that was the only real signifier that they were moving from one song to the next. As someone who is far more familiar with their older songs, it was next to impossible for me to differentiate between the new songs.

However, despite everything, the support from Don Broco’s audience was unparalleled. Their passion fuelled the audience and, in turn, the energy the band emitted was maintained by the electricity of the crowd. Whether they were playing songs from their first two albums, or new music from their recently released third album, Technology, their audience showed the same level of enjoyment and familiarity with each and every song. Their audience was relentless, singing alongside the band without missing a beat. It was as if their latest album had been introduced several years ago, when in reality it was only released mere weeks previously.

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