Live Review: FEET

Music editor Joe Smiths, reviews FEET's Newcastle show at Think Tank

Joe Smith
18th November 2019
Image: Instagram @feetband

The finest band to ever come out of Coventry and its surrounding areas is FEET. They took Think Tank by storm last Wednesday. Delivering their self-described style of ‘Crease pop’ they captivated the small, but dedicated audience.

Touring their recent debut album ‘What’s Inside is More Than Just Ham’ FEET played their 16th leg of the 19-show tour at Newcastle’s Think Tank. The intimate venue provided a great setting for the bands controlled chaos. The upbeat combination of incredibly unique vocals and an instrumental mix of funk and punk hit every target it was aiming for.

Frontman George brandished a tambourine from the shows beginning as they kicked off the night with the fan favourite ‘English Weather’. A mass of bobbing heads took the place of the audience as the tone for the night was set. The band bounced around the stage and off each other making it a night of both music and entertainment. Each member of the band moved in their own way with some highlights being one of the guitarists slow thrusts throughout each and every song. Each member of FEET put on their own show in one of the greatest ways possible.

Each song was played with poise, perfection and a pristine energy, with the song ‘Dog Walking’ being perhaps the best example of this. George shrugged his shoulders with such emphasis when singing “Whose dog is this?” I thought he might dislocate them.

Finishing with a frantic barrage of ‘Ad Blue’, ‘Petty Thieving’ and ‘Outer Rim’ FEET ended the show on an incredible high. The audience was fulfilled and from the looks of things, so was the band. Make sure to catch them next time they tour.

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