Live Review: Fozzy @ Riverside

Raucous, fun, raw and emotional, and I loved it

Errol Kerr
30th November 2017

You know, I was initially worried when I walked into Riverside. I don't have great memories of the place, as a local, but I was going to see Chris Jericho – yes that Chris Jericho, as in WWE professional wrestling legend Chris Jericho – on stage as the frontman of heavy metal band Fozzy, and I let my concerns about it slide for this and this alone.

God, I was amazed. Fozzy’s music is uncomplicated, without the technicalities often seen in other similar bands... but Fozzy is a different kind of amazing. Thrilling, even. It’s raucous, fun, raw and emotional, and I loved it.

I’m beyond impressed with the set of lungs Jericho has; I knew the man could shout but I didn’t know he could bloody sing, but in the end, he’s an entertainer at heart. And my God does he entertain! Between newer, powerful songs from his album ‘Judas’ and the regular more upbeat songs from their older LPs Do You Wanna Start a War and Sin and Bones, Fozzy did not disappoint.

You can't really deny how goddamn entertaining this band is 

Every song was punctuated with the entire packed crowd shouting a repetitive chorus of ‘FOZZY’. The band couldn't get a word in unless they tried desperately. Every single person in the sold out Riverside venue was captivated, and you can see why – Jericho 's skill with the crowd is genuinely unparalleled. Ok, I've seen nothing like it in my time reviewing gigs. Never before did I think a wrestler would win me over on stage the way Fozzy win me over.

And when a man wearing a jacket with lighting-up LED studs is waving a gun firing dry ice vapour over the crowd, you can’t really deny how goddamn entertaining the band is. I already love WWE, but this gig has renewed my admiration for Jericho.

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