Live Review: Press To MECO @ Jumpin' Jacks

Their unpredictable and unrelenting style was palpable from the moment they hit the stage

Errol Kerr
30th November 2017

Press to MECO are a Crawley/Croydon based band, who have created a synthesis of progressive, hardcore, metal and pop in an admirable and spectacular fashion. Between guitarist Luke Caley, bassist Adam Roffey and drummer Lewis Williams, their unpredictable and unrelenting style was palpable from the moment they hit the stage.

All three are vocalists as well as playing their respective instruments, and achieve some stunning harmonies whilst doing so. Their stage presence is undeniable, with Luke and Adam owning the front of the stage whilst Lewis practically bounced around the drum kit, with all three sharing some absolutely glorious riffs and complex, technical solos.

I might have been slightly concerned as Press to MECO had announced that their initial plan – to release Here’s to the Fatigue on November 17th – was not going ahead, but the three of them did not remotely disappoint. The PTM boys exude personality and charisma, to the point where they all riff off each other in between songs and can joke off the tiniest of mistakes; Luke encouraged the crowd to boo Adam as his bass was slightly out of tune – which he fixed quickly through the booing – and their control of a crowd was absolutely amazing. They know who they’re playing to, and they know how to keep you going.

They're fun in a manner that a lot of bands tend not to be

A few new songs punctuated the pieces from their first LP and EPs – between the familiarity of 'Diffusion of Responsibility' and 'Affinity' (which is a phenomenal piece of music) were newer pieces from just over the past year. 'Here’s to the Fatigue' and 'If All Your Parts Don’t Make a Whole' are just as fun and original as their first album, and whilst I’m already waiting desperately for their new album release, this definitely made that wait all the more tense.

Jumpin’ Jacks is a small, intimate venue, perfect for the charisma of the three of them, but in all honesty, I’m very surprised they aren’t playing bigger venues as a headline act! They’ve hit Download and Tech-Metal Fest before, and they’re fun in a manner that a lot of bands tend to not be. They’re personable, and it’s not just playing music, it’s a memorable, stellar performance from beginning to end.

In response to your tweet? You’re welcome, boys – you were well fit too.

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