Living in a (de)popular world: The Depop basics

Amelia Salmon gives her top tips on the dos and do-nots of Depop

Amelia Salmon
29th October 2018
Instagram: @seasand

The world of Depop can be rather mystifying but it has become a trendy way for young people to make some quick cash and find unique purchases. I’m by no means on my way to Depop fame, but with 15 items sold and a couple of edgy purchases later, I have gathered a few tips and tricks along the way. Whether you are reselling items from charity shops, selling your own fashion designs or just merely trying to declutter your wardrobe, there are a few factors to keep in mind:

1) A Clear Biography

Making a clear biography is a great start to interest and inform potential buyers. This can include the type of things you sell. Stating whether or not you include packaging and postage, allowing the buyer to factor this in when purchasing. Depop has pricing guidelines on the app if you are unsure how much this will cost you, it will vary per item.

 2) Good quality photos and detailed descriptions

Clear and good quality photos of your items is key to intrigue buyers. Ideally taking your pictures during daylight can enhance the quality of your photo. A cool background always goes a long way to add value to the product. Take picture of the product at various angles. This will allow the buyer to get a good feel for what they are purchasing. Modelling the clothing is also a great for the buyer to visualise the way they could style the pieces, as well as see how it fits and looks. When describing the item make sure you include a detailed description; the colour, style, sizing and whether it’s branded. This will help people find your item and profile.

[pullquote]If you feel like the price is too high ask the seller if they would be willing to go cheaper[/pullquote]

3) Good customer service

Be polite and friendly – even if they are not! Often people will message you to ask questions regarding the item they are intending to purchase. Whatever the query, respond with helpful information. Depop has the option to review sellers, the better your reviews, the more customers you’ll get.

4) Posting

Make sure you get prove of delivery when sending your item. Keep in mind dishonest buyers may try and claim their money back. Also, when posting more fragile items make sure to package with care, to make sure the piece gets to the buyer in one piece.

Depop is perfect for finding vintage and unique clothing as well as high street items at a cheaper price. However, when it comes to buying on Depop some precautions need to be taken.

1) Be specific when browsing

When searching for your desired item make sure to include specific details to narrow down your search eg colour or brand. Also think of alternative ways to phrase the details you are describing. Make sure you heart the items you like to return to them later.

2) Read reviews before you buy

If the seller has reviews on their page read them before committing to an item. These comments from previous buyer will give you an insight into whether they are trustworthy sellers. Also use your initiative, if someone is selling air max 97’s for £10 it’s unlikely they will be real.

3) Ask questions

If you have any queries re the item you are buying, don’t be afraid to ask. This also includes bargaining, if you feel like the price is too high ask the seller if they would be willing to go cheaper or suggest a price you have in mind. Remember you can also be reviewed by the seller, so be friendly and polite.



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