Living La Vida Local: Week 14

Music Editor Jamie Shepherd sat down with Newcastle students Ali’s Love Child to discuss their latest single.

Jamie Shepherd
29th March 2016

Music Editor Jamie Shepherd sat down with Newcastle students Ali’s Love Child to discuss their latest single.

Jamie Shepherd: So the last time I spoke to you guys, you were off to Manchester for the finals of the iSessions completion. How was that for you?

Jordan Smith: It was so good.

Al Hall: It was one of the best gigs we’ve played.

JaS: Was that your first gig outside of the city?

AH: Well… yeah, we played one really weird gig in Durham but it didn’t really seem like a gig.

JoS: It was more of a private party gone wrong.

we played one really weird gig in Durham but it didn’t really seem like a gig

AH: The Manchester gig was our first proper gig outside of Newcastle and it was really good and it was packed. There was lots of different people there supporting us and there was some relatively high profile industry people there so it was good to get some feedback from them.

JaS: Have you seen much success out of the city?

JoS: We haven’t, no. We just try and do a day in Leeds then go back to Newcastle or go back to Manchester etc. We try to avoid doing tours at the moment but it’s all in the pipeline at the moment.

AH: Obviously,  that’s our next big step. We’ve just done the launch of our debut single and we were really pleased about how that went.

JaS: I’ve got to ask you about the single as well, how was the recording process?

JoS: It was quick. We had a very short time to make it. We had a show booked on February 13th and then we only decided to go to the studio in December. Normally thing’s like this a lot longer. We were pushed but we pulled it off.

AH: Yeah, we had this really great guy called Mark who’s got a practice space called Nemix by the Discovery Museum. He’s been doing music in Newcastle for years and he’s really good at what he does. He pulled out the stops to make sure we did it all on time and we were happy in the end.

JaS: How do you guys slot into the Newcastle scene?

JoS: Sometimes really well. Like when we did the gig at the O2 we were absolutely chuffed. We had a couple of local support bands and there was various good feedback from their supporters and all that. Sometimes we play gigs with other people and we really stick out.

AH: There’s kinda like two tribes. There’s the really indie bands and then there’s the heavier bands.

JoS: and we’re slap bang in the middle.

JaS: What’s next in the pipeline?

JoS: Hopefully, we’ve got a music video or two coming along. Which is a first for us.

AH: We’ve got two tracks which is a single and a b-side so we’re gonna make one for both?

JaS: Are the vids gonna be Beyoncesque?

JoS: Synchronised dancing and all that. No. Your mate wanted to do a story board for us, didn’t he?

AH: The single’s all about atheism and that sort of thing. He’s really arty and good at cinematography so he’s got this concept to do with that. We want to film in a church if we can get permission. We’re not gonna tell them what it’s about. The other one, Dom’s mate’s doing it isn’t he? He’s a professional music producer he’s going out with Dom’s sister’s, wait no Dom’s girlfriend’s sister and he’s come up with a few ideas of what it’s going to be. It’s going to be all shot in Newcastle and maybe with a little bit in London because that’s where the guy’s based.

JaS: I hate asking this but what’s going to happen after graduation? Will the band stick together? Can you guys handle an LDR?

AH: We’d love to. Jack’s going to still be here. Dom’s definitely here next year. I intend to stay around .

JoS: We don’t know. It’s all up in the air really.

AH: We’ve got a few gigs lined up here though. We’ve got one lined up at Think Tank on the 11th supporting the Hyena Kill. Their sick. Their from Manchester and we really like them. We’ve got a few supporting random bands around Newcastle.

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