Looks to 'spring' you into the next season

Beauty editor Ellie James updates us on the spring makeup trends for 2020

Ellie James
26th March 2020
Spring is officially here, and this year we are moving aside the usual pastels and bringing in some new makeup moves to shake things up a little.

We think of spring and our head is filled with flowers, sunshine and good times ahead. This year it's a little harder to feel that way what with the pandemic happening. But if you end up self isolating and feel a little bored, you might want to try out a few of these new spring trends happening in the beauty world right now.


Most of this years trends seem to be focused on the eyes, with various new eyeshadows, liners and even eye embellishments. One key feature is glitter, and just because we aren't feeling quite so glittery doesn't mean our eyes can't. Think glitter eyeliners either on your bottom or top lid, shimmery star stickers and smokey glitter eyeshadows.

Aside from the glitter there's some more fun pops of colour happening too. Ombre effect shadows and a defining white liner make your eyes bigger and bolder this season - maximalists where you at? It's quite literally your time to shine.


Instagram @glossier

It seems we are loving the reflective look and the shimmer is reaching our smiles too. Glossy lips are IN, which we are loving for our entire FACE actually. Clear gloss gives you a healthy glint, and can be applied to your lips as well as your lids and cheekbones to give a subtle highlighter effect. Try this one out, it works more than you expect.

Instagram @gigihadid

Of course we need some pops of colour to go with any bolder eye looks, which is why red is in style - confident, sassy and looks bomb on all skin tones. And perhaps rather strikingly, more gothic vibes are creeping in with dark purples and maroons. Pairing this lip look with pastel clothing draws the eye to your face so you'll be catching the light with your gloss AND catching the eyes of others with those lips. What. A. Combo.

Image: oscardelarenta.com
Contrasting colours

As mentioned, contrasts are what are working in 2020. Clothes and makeup mismatching is one thing, but we are taking it further with mismatching our eyeshadow from our bottom liner. Try using a darker shade on your lid and smudging a subtle pastel on your bottom eyeline to really get them staring. Or try taking opposite to the next level and choose colours on other sides of the colour wheel (you're just wild). I mean, opposites attract, right? Attract that good spring makeup energy beauties.

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