Lucifer renewed for another season by Netflix

James Troughton made a deal with the devil to give us a summary of what to expect from Lucifer season six

James Troughton
1st March 2020
Credit: IMDb
Netflix may have cancelled Santa Clarita Diet, Daredevil and a slew of other brilliant shows (which yes, I'm still salty about), but they are bringing Lucifer fans another outing.
Credit: IMDb, 2016 Fox Broadcasting Co.

If you aren't aware, Lucifer is a fantasy comedy about the devil himself becoming a consultant for the LAPD. In the last season, Lucifer returned to hell after being chased by demons, conflicted by what he should do and be. He wants to be a good angel and the devil, but has to say goodbye to Chloe. We thought this would be the last season, but we were wrong after fans demanded a new season, and Netflix has delivered.

There's a lot of speculation as to just why Netflix wants to bring the show back, and one major theory that some fans want to see unfold on the silver screen is a crossover between Sandman and Lucifer. For the uninitiated, Sandman is a DC comic run from I-swear-he-writes-for-every-major-brand-from-Doctor-Who-to-Marvel, Neil Gaiman, and it is being adapted by Netflix.

Sandman is said to be set before the events of Lucifer's first season, but that doesn't mean that we can't see Tom Ellis reprise his role as the titular character to show just what shenanigans our favourite fallen angel from the pits of Hell was up to prior to our jumping on as observers to his journey.

The next season of Lucifer could have a brief Sandman cameo to tease the show

A complaint some fans have, however, is that if the Sandman show is a prequel, is that Lucifer is so distinctly different from the comics, with an emphasis on romance and teen drama, that it may not mesh well with Sandman. The next season of Lucifer could have a brief Sandman cameo to tease the show, even if it is just a future version of the character.

Not much has been announced about the new series, but some fans do speculate that it will jump back in time, rather than moving forward, as the fifth season seems to be tying the knot, or at least that's what the writers appear to have been attempting. This is probably unlikely, as it's more plausible that they'll simply pull a Supernatural and keep things open enough to continue past the originally intended end date. Lucifer may even open up to more crossovers given that it is now in The CW's Arrowverse - could we finally see Constantine appear in the show, after their meeting in Crisis on Infinite Earths? Fans can only hope.

Either way, Netflix has listened to the fans, and hopefully, the quality will remain at a good standard, as there's nothing worse than brilliant shows being milked dry, leaving audiences wishing that it had simply ended when it was meant to, rather than being dragged out and beaten like a dead horse. Casting information has yet to be announced and there's little more than rumour and speculation at the moment, but news should come out in the following year as Netflix gear up for the next series about Heaven's infamous bad boy (no, I'm not talking about Napoleon).

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