Make-up madness and festive fun

Why not try these extra festive looks on your next night out?

Sophia Ayub
6th December 2021
Image: Instagram: @lady.ell_

Words cannot describe how long I have been patiently waiting for an opportunity like this. Since the day and met my manager/friend, Ellie Strong, I have always been in awe of the immense creativity and talent she so beautifully embodies. Her ability to craft and create bespoke outfits and makeup looks is truly commendable. Which is why I felt it necessary to scream her praises and share some incredible festive make-up looks she has curated in the spirit of Christmas. 

Her first look, which probably stands as my personal absolute favourite displays a homage to the one of the most renowned children’s book and Christmas film, ‘The Grinch’. My personal bias towards this looks overall theme may sway my particular appreciation to this look, however I am sure no one can deny the immaculate detail and precision that has gone in to all these looks, including this one. Her utilisation of facial features in order to emphasise focal points of the look, for example, we see here how Ellie utilises her nose in order to add a more three dimensional appearance for the bauble. Truly outstanding. 

Image: Instagram: @lady.ell_

In her second look Ellie has embodied all things sweet in her crafty look featuring all things gingerbread and sugary. Again, making use of her eye brows, she has created a dripped sugar effect, dripping over warm bronze and brown tones, displaying a sugary effect. To draw this whole look together, Ellie stance of icing off her ginger-breaded cheek with a tube of icing. A quirky touch to a delicious quirky look!

Image: Instagram: @lady.ell_

In her final look Ellie is modelling another homage to the infamous festive picture, ‘Elf’. Here we see how she has curated an elf boarding an asymmetrical candy caned eye, paired with a gorgeous red lip, and not to mention a glowing face of popping highlight, sprinkled with an abundance of snow. 

Overall if there is anything to take away from these looks, I wanted to encourage more festive fun in our artistic expression.

Make-up means many different things to many different people. Whilst it can sometimes get shelved as a daily procedure in our routine, its important to remember that it can be a creative outlet to display something truly genius and incredibly beautiful, as demonstrated by the gorgeous Ellie Strong. Instagram: @lady.ell_ 

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