Mega Fan vs Giant Cynic: Jurassic World

With Jurassic World harvesting massive box-office profits, Jordan Olomon and Imogen Scott-Chambers fight it out over whether this was deserved

23rd November 2015

The blockbuster of the year, Jurassic World divided opinions worldwide. Did it live up to the hype? Was it as good as the originals? And most importantly, did it capture the essence of your childhood obsession with the franchise? Jordan Oloman and Imogen Scott-Chambers fight it out in this week’s Mega Fan versus Giant Cynic.


Before we begin, let me level with you. I study Archaeology, so anything that even slightly hints at exploring the distant past gets me going. I’m talking Indiana Jones, The Mummy and, of course, Jurassic Park. Despite my bias though, I still have Jurassic World pegged as one of my films of the year.

"Seriously, who walks into a summer blockbuster expecting a deep narrative?"

Chris Pratt plays to his strengths as the cocky dinosaur trainer, and the development of his relationship with the raptors pulls the movie along nicely. The action sequences are adrenaline pumping and littered with suspense, and the soundtrack that accompanies them is suitably foreboding. The setting captures your imagination from the get-go, and the well-placed callbacks to the old films are satisfying. Seriously, who walks into a summer blockbuster expecting a deep narrative? I wanted dinosaurs going nuts, and a few chuckles along the way, so colour me impressed!

Jordan Oloman


Anyone who loves Jurassic Park cannot watch Jurassic World and like it, in good conscience. It is a disgrace to the greatness achieved by Jurassic Park. The plot is poor, the characters are whiney and the product placement is desperate and degrading. The new dinosaur (‘Indominous Rex’)  is ridiculous (apparently some kind of T-rex, raptor, bull frog, fish hybrid), and its only real advantage is that it can camouflage - how scary. This, in comparison to the ground-thumping, heart-racing arrival of the T-rex in Jurassic Park, is frankly pathetic.

"Chris Pratt is hunky, yes, but as a leading man, is no match for Sam NeilL"

Furthermore, with a lack of Richard Hammond (Richard Attenborough), our substitute is Bryce Dallas Howard, whose cold, wholly unlikable demeanor can’t reach the charismatic highs that Attenborough achieved as the cuddly, dinosaur-crazed orchestrator of the original dinosaur theme park. Chris Pratt is hunky, yes, but as a leading man, is no match for Sam Neill and the film includes excessive violence for something rated 12A. The director seemed to think dinosaur death, blood spraying everywhere and a few shots of Starbucks would make up for a lack of story. Sadly, it does not.

Imogen Scott-Chambers

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