Must-have essentials for your winter wardrobe

Ellie Pidgeon discusses the best buys to keep yourself warm and bolster your winter wardrobe.

Ellie Pidgeon
14th January 2020
Image- Flickr
If you’re a regular reader of fashion magazines, you will notice the ever-changing fashion landscape. Everyday new trends leave as quickly as they arrived. Not only is extremely time consuming but it also breaks the bank. In order to save at least part of that student loan, I recommend acquiring these wardrobe staples - you can rely on them to always remain in style and they can be paired with almost anything. 

My personal favourite, my trusty black denim skirt, can be used for every occasion. It can simply be paired with a plain block t-shirt, or for the colder months, it looks equally as fashionable with a knit jumper. Worn with a pair of brown ankle boots, this staple is almost certainly a classic that is easily thrown on. It gives the illusion that you spent hours stood in front of your wardrobe deliberating on what to wear, when in reality, you slept straight through your alarm! 

A block coloured jumper adds an element of sophistication to any outfit.

Continuing with illusion of a carefully constructed outfit, a block coloured jumper adds an element of sophistication to any outfit. It’s so simple - it can be worn with either jeans or a skirt but a bright coloured jumper adds a pop of colour into a dreary winter’s day, whilst keeping you warm. My personal recommendations of colours include emerald green, cream, navy blue and burnt orange. 

Especially as the nights draw in and the temperature drops, I have been living in faux fur coat. At first glance it might appear that this is an extremely costly purchase; I’ve been wearing mine so much, however, that I’d already got my money’s worth within the first week of wear. Again, this jacket is incredibly versatile, and can be added to almost every outfit. I think it looks particularly classy when paired with a black turtle neck jumper and a patterned skirt. 

A leather jacket is your best friend, and that goes for any season too.

For those slightly warmer days, even though they occur once in a blue moon, I love wearing my leather jacket. I personally prefer faux-leather as it’s slightly kinder to the purse, and to the environment. It adds a new dimension to even the most basic of outfits and looks extremely effective when paired with a fabric scarf with a monotone pattern, another wardrobe staple that is essential for this cooler period. A leather jacket is your best friend, and that goes for any season too.

Whilst I’m certain that everyone has at least one pair of jeans, I cannot stress the importance of owning a variety of different coloured jeans. Jeans vary in every colour - from your classic navy and black, to a slightly more unconventional (but equally stylish) white or brown. All of these provide a more refined outfit, especially when paired with complementary coloured top. Again, these can worn with both boots and trainers, but also heels and wedges on a night out. 

For me, wardrobe essentials are extremely alluring - they take the guess-work out of outfit synthesis as they can be fashionably paired with the vast majority of items already found in your wardrobe. Due to their versatility, numerous different outfits comprise of these staples. Therefore, your wardrobe is greatly expanded, without taking up the minimal wardrobe space provided in student accommodation!

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