My Dream Holiday

If you had the opportunity to travel anywhere you wanted, where would you choose to go?

Molly Jackson
10th November 2021
Photo by Nick Panourgias on Unsplash
Dream with me…
Close your eyes.  Imagine listening to Nature's melody of palm trees as they sway gently in a warm Mediterranean breeze. Imagine the lapping of waves against the shore.  Imagine the sun enveloping you in a radiant beam purifying the soul and alleviating all stresses. A pair of sunglasses, the only thing protecting your eyes from great light. Pure relaxation. 

This Greek beach is the last stop of my dream holiday.  A tour of Europe- Florence, Rome, Amsterdam, Berlin, Vienna, Prague is its beginnings…

Staying in beautiful places, eating the best cuisines Europe has to offer.  One may say I would be taking a pilgrimage, finding myself amidst the famous buildings and rich history of each new wondrous place. Each new language like a glorious new love song, bringing endless possibilities and the chance to explore.

I would finish with a cruise around the Greek Islands, making sure to stop at Skopelos and Skiathos.  A walk through tight streets with rows of white houses, baking in the summer heat, on either side of me.  My mind breaks into song with each recognisable landmark, I would really be living my Mamma Mia fantasy (hopefully without the pregnancy)!

Now here we are, simmering on the stunning Elafonissi Beach, after visiting the Palace of Knossos and Monastery of Arkadi. Our last stop before we fly home.  A reflection of all we have seen and all that we have experienced is greatly needed.

 I know what you’re thinking, a university student could never afford such luxuries.  With the predominant theme of this article being dream, money really is no object! In this fantasy a budget does not exist. As my cruise around the Greek Islands indicates, instead of interrailing (which I will do if I ever wish to make this dream a reality) I’d be travelling in style!

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