My festive favourites on campus!

One of our relationships sub-editors shares their festive spirit with Christmas festivities now in full swing.

Annabel Hogg
16th December 2021
Newcastle is a brilliant place to spend the festive season. Image Credit: Flickr
I may be a little biased, but I genuinely believe my family loves Christmas to a level that no one else has quite reached yet. Coming to study at University, I was worried about how being away from my fellow elves might affect how much I love the run up to Christmas. But, after two years in the North East, I can safely say that I love it just the same, if not even more than before.

For starters, campus is particularly beautiful at this time of year. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of walking past the Christmas tree on my way to the Percy building with a peppermint mocha in my hand, feeling like the main character in a Netflix original Christmas movie. This, like everything else, is made all the more perfect by snow – which we have already been blessed with once this year, and which may add to the northern charm for those who come from warmer parts of the country.

Venturing off campus, there’s the bright lights of Northumberland Street, the slightly shitty but somewhat charming attempt at a Christmas market, and of course, the much anticipated Fenwicks window (the novelty of which still hasn’t worn off for me). Though some people might be deterred by the bustling nature of the city centre at this time of year, I love nothing more than seeing everyone in a rush to secure the best Christmas presents and long lines for Santa’s Grotto.

There’s nothing like screaming Christmas songs and hugging your best mates before going home for Christmas.

Of course, there’s also flat Christmases where a £4 Tesco freezer joint is no match for your dad’s turkey but tastes good all the same. Coming to University means you get to celebrate twice, though with slightly cheaper alcohol and a slightly more microwavable Christmas dinner. There’s nothing like screaming Christmas songs and hugging your best mates before going home for Christmas.

Lastly, in my opinion, the absolute best part of Christmas as a student is the build up to going home. Never before did I have a huge appreciation for Chris Rea, but now, driving home for Christmas never looked so good. As I wrap my gifts and write my cards, all I’m thinking about is getting on that train at the end of term back to our silly little family traditions, which, now I’m at Uni, don’t seem so silly at all.

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AUTHOR: Annabel Hogg
she/her| second year english literature student| relationships sub-editor 21/22

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