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James Charles is the newest internet sensation to bag a makeup collaboration this year. Laura Buckle tells all...

Laura Buckle
26th November 2018

In 2018, it really seems like every relevant Youtuber under the sun has a makeup collaboration beneath their belt. Whether you’re an avid subscriber or not, it’s now incredibly difficult to internet shop or trail Superdrug or Boots without seeing some kind of “influencer collaboration” series or inspired products.

It’s true, the makeup industry is now overflowing with them and there is no denying the success these collaborations can produce for both “influencer” and brand; big or small. And for globally recognised brand Morphe, the newest on their collaboration scene is “sister” James Charles. Recognised for his internet personality, vibrant makeup looks and for being CoverGirl’s first male spokesperson, Charles is next to reap the benefits of Morphe’s empire with a 39-shade palette (£39) and 35-piece brush set (£152).  Inspired by the phrase “Unleash your Inner Artist”, James preached to his Youtube subscribers how this palette was designed in homage to his passion for “crazy, colourful, outside-of-the-box makeup” and to encourage people to escape their comfort zone with makeup.

First of all, it is definitely fair to say that his palette has something for everyone. Ranging from bold mattes to shimmering metallics and creamy transition shades, there is no doubt that this product could be your best friend during the day, throughout the evening and even for next year’s festival season. Whether you prefer a dark smoky eye, a rainbow cut crease or opt for the more natural look, the possibilities really are endless with this palette.

Although, like many of Morphe’s palettes, James Charles’ addition is also without a mirror *eye roll*, we can almost let him off with how unique the palette design is. Following in the footsteps of Morphe’s “Dare to Create” 39-shade palette, Charles has designed customers an extra 4 shades, in comparison to their standard 35 shade palettes, with 7 much larger pans which people are expected to reach for the most. Whilst these 7 will help us makeup lovers create the more “natural” and “everyday” looks, it is the surrounding colours which really steal the show.

[pullquote]Also, hats off to Morphe for attempting such vivid shades. [/pullquote]Also, hats off to Morphe for attempting such vivid shades. Whilst other brands prefer to shy away from blue and purple shadows specifically, it’s impressive to see Morphe continuing to dare the brighter and more technically complex formulas in influencer collections too; with a total of 5 blue shades, 5 pink/purple shades and even several greens and yellows in James’ palette.

But if the palette alone isn’t enough for you, the brush collection (retailing at £152 yet valuing at £250) also partners the palette perfectly including some of James Charles most favourite signature Morphe brushes and some even designed by the influencer himself. With some of the most iconic MUA-loved brushes included, for example their M441 Pro Firm Blending Crease Brush, M433 Pro Firm Blending Fluff Brush and E4 Contour Angle Brush to name few, the value of the collection itself seems too good to be true.

I guess the only thing we can question now is whether this “influencer” collection really meets up to it’s mark. Throughout his YouTube reveal video, Charles continually mentions how “iconic” his Morphe collaboration is and how long his “unleash your inner artist” slogan has been in the making for. The advertisements, YouTube promotions and endless social media posts has made his release the most anticipated of late 2018. But will his release be as “iconic” as Charles says it is or will it be overshadowed by Jaclyn Hill’s continuous success with Morphe? And the main thing to ask is whether his collaboration will still have that signature Morphe quality we love so much? Yes this collection may be one to add to the “influencer” collaboration empire but will it really be one of the most popular? The makeup world can only wait for the PR packages to go out and the reviews to roll in.

You can find the Morphe X James Charles collection via the Morphe UK site but be quick, with his “sister” empire growing, the limited-edition collection won’t be around for long.

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