New Zealand: views that will leave you speechless

Madeleine Raine recalls the picturesque views she experienced while in New Zealand .

Madeleine Raine
7th June 2020
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New Zealand is without a doubt one of the world’s most natural and picturesque countries. Split into the North and the South Islands, the country consistently provides its own unique qualities at every moment, taking your breath away.

Cathedral Cove is my favourite spot in the North Island, a place many of you will probably recognise as the destination boasting the film set for the Chronicles of Narnia. With its intricately carved stonework and white sandy beaches, this is a must for all budding travellers lucky enough to explore this haven.

This country is certainly the most break-taking country I have had the pleasure of exploring, with its edgy landscape cutting through miles upon miles of nothingness. New Zealand is home to mountain ranges, glaciers, geysers, natural pools, and countless beaches. Whether you prefer the more touristy spot that is Queenstown, or a quiet hike up Mount Cook, the opportunities are endless. Wherever you turn, nature has a new trick up her sleeve to keep you mesmerised and wanting more. This is definitely somewhere to tick off your bucket list and one that you will never tire of.

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AUTHOR: Madeleine Raine
MA History student with a BA in English Literature and History. Lifestyle writer and avid traveller who has recently branched out to also cover news articles. Twitter @RaineMadeleine

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