Newcastle nightlife: canny or crap?

One of our campus comment sub-editors discusses Newcastle's nightlife.

Amana Khan
24th February 2022
Is the Newcastle nightlife as good as it is made out to be? Image Credit: Flickr
From Market Shaker, Soho, to Flares, the streets of Newcastle seem to be full of people, both university students and Geordies. Throughout the week, they're searching for their next treble, jager or compulsory Big Market Chippy at the end of the night. The timely old saying of going out for ‘just a few’, normally ends up with waking up the next morning with no recollection of the night before and having to look through your snapchat stories, hoping that you have not embarrassed yourself too much and they have preserved your memories from the previous night.

A night out in Newcastle normally consists of journey juice, falling down the club stairs multiple times, drinking your body weight in blue trebs, and seeing a random society too drunk to be let into the next club. Not only are the drinks and the clubs at the top of their game but the people seem to be to, with girls supporting girls, whether that is through talking through their recent situationship or fixing their makeup, the people you meet on a night out are always ones to add to your fun. There is no doubt that all signs point to a good night, but the question remains as to whether it is as good as it is made out to be or whether it just a convenient night out.

There is no doubt that all signs point to a good night

From someone who is from just outside London, the nightlife there is too expensive and overhyped, with more money coming out of your bank account than the amount of alcohol being consumed. Moreover, friends that I have in other universities claim that their city has a lack of clubs or nightlife or that they are too expensive or too over-crowded. In comparison, the Newcastle nightlife allows students to keep their loan intact whilst having a great night, whether that is going to Kandi Island or Oops on a Monday, Swingers on a Thursday, or Feral Fridays. The variety of the nightlife opportunities provided allows everyone to experience something to their taste, which is something that London and its surrounding areas do not offer.

Yes, a night-out in Newcastle may be convenient for the students, but this does not mean that it is not as good as it is made out to be. For someone who has been to multiple nights-out, I can confirm that there never is a dull moment, embarrassing definitely, but never boring, which is what makes the nightlife in Newcastle as significant and hyped up as it is.

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