Newcastle's coffee scene: Cafes for every occasion

Your ultimate guide to coffee and brunch in the Toon.

Maud Webster
7th December 2021
@flapcapscoffee instagram

Newcastle has TONS of good independent places to study, grab a quick social coffee, or go for brunch. Here's a selection of places which may range from your already firm favourites, to new places you may want to scout out...


Image from @camber_coffee instagram

It can be hard to get any work done at home, and maybe the silence of the Robbo just isn't where you work best. If you like a little conversational hum in the background of your study sessions as well as some coffee to motivate / wake you up then here are some of the best coffee shops to study in in Newcastle.

Camber Coffee (a) is just round the corner from Monument, and has a lot of vegan options as well as nice views of the hubbub of the city and lots of single seated tables. Flat Caps (b) in Carliol Square has very good coffee and is filled with tonnes of plants for a very nice studyesque vibe. Also, for a couple of options further out the city, try Shoe Tree Cafe (c) or Heaton Perk (d) for relaxed, aesthetic, yet pretty quiet places to get some work done.


@kilnouseburn instagram

Right on our campus you could check out The Grand (e) or Northern Stage (f) for a quick coffee break between your lectures and a quick catchup with course-mates. Pink Lane (g) near the station also makes for a great location for a little catch up over some very good coffee. The Ouseburn also has a bunch of good coffee places, including Kiln (h) and Northern Rye (i), both of which also do great pastries and cakes if you're in the mood.

If coffee isn't your thing, you could alternatively check out Bubble T Break (j) on Cross Street, nearish the station, for what is (in my opinion) the best bubble tea options for a pretty decent price. They also have a nice little seating area indoors if you're wanting to stay in and chat with a pal. There's also Tea Sultra Teahouse (k) about five minutes from Campus, which offers a wide range of teas and also food.


@thedispensaryncl instagram

There are so many good cafes offering fab food options if you're seeking out somewhere to go for brunch or lunch. A good option if you're feeling especially gluttonous is The Dispensary (l), lurking just below the Business School - if you're going with a friend, 'hack' the menu and order a breakfast and a pancake stack, then split and share to get a taste of both savoury and sweet if you're on the fence as to which extreme to go for.

There's also a couple of incredible vegetarian (with very good vegan options) cafes you can check out for brunch - Little Green (m) in Sandyford has full breakfasts and french toast alongside a delicious seasonal menu, and Supernatural (n) near the station has a very cute interior and offers an extensive list of breakfasty/brunchy/lunchy options, whatever you're fancying.

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AUTHOR: Maud Webster
she/they | third year architecture & urban planning student @ newcastle | co-head of culture for the 21/22 academic year

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