Next stop thrift shop: NCL

Louise Cusine talks thrifting as she shares her experience with sustainable fashion in the Toon

Louise Cusine
3rd October 2020
Image by Louise Cusine

Let’s set the scene: its fresher’s week and you want to spruce up your wardrobe, vinyl collection or even your bookshelf with some quintessentially vintage fashion, records or collectable books. It’s time to get thrifty so take a gander to the toon and you will be looking thrifty in no time!

Denim on denim on denim: I completely lucked out when I went thrifting a few days ago where I found a burgundy denim jacket from British Heart Foundation. The item is so aesthetically pleasing and is a compliment to my ever-growing vintage wardrobe which is already predominantly burgundy. The price of the jacket was £9.99 which is a bargain as it looks as though it has been worn once or twice; impeccable condition, who would have thought!

Spenny brands: you probably wouldn’t expect to find designer brands such as AllSaints in a charity shop; I’m afraid your expectations are too low since my girlfriend picked up an AllSaints shirt from British Heart Foundation for £10 (originally around £85) and she does not look half bad in it!

Searching for sounds: I have not stopped buying records for the past three years. It is an ongoing and costly addiction but it could be worse. HMV was my designated shop for buying records but that set me back around £30 per vinyl. However, I consider myself a changed woman after British Heart Foundation came through with the goods and I bought a used classical record for £1.99.

Fully booked: you will be fully booked with the myriad of books that have hit the charity shop shelves. My go-to book shops are Oxfam and Amnesty International. Sometimes Oxfam has books for just £1 – I managed to pick up a hardcover copy of ‘Munich’ by Robert Harris for £1 (originally £20). Amnesty also has a fine collection with a plethora of penguin books under deals such as three for £1. I have to admit that some of the books are slightly tatty but what do they say: do not judge a book by its cover!

Pros of thrifting: you are giving money to charity or independent shops which need money, especially during COVID to keep these shops on their feet.

Cons of thrifting: nothing.

Images by: Louise Cusine

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