Note to Self: Finding yourself through fashion

Margarita Ivanova discusses her journey of self love through fashion and how she is being 'imperfectly' perfect through the clothes she wears.

Margarita Ivanova
29th November 2019
Instagram: @emmylupinstudio
When I was younger, I used to spend hours upon hours obsessing over how I looked. I picked at every feature, every quality, and every part of myself, all the while wishing that I looked differently. I worried that my imperfections were the only things that people noticed about me, and I couldn’t shake the feelings of self-consciousness that followed me everywhere I went. 

But it was when I turned to fashion as a way to learn more about myself, that I quickly realised what truly makes me feel good about myself. Once I found my own personal style, my confidence soared. Even on the days when I’d really struggle with my body image, picking out a great outfit would make all the difference in the way that I saw myself. I discovered that when it comes to clothing, it’s not so much about the body, as it is about the statement you are making. And my clothes say ‘This is me, I love who I am, and I’m not changing for anybody.' 

When I finally embarked on a journey of discovering self-love and self-acceptance, it wasn’t easy, but it became incredibly rewarding. I began to accept that we all have our flaws, insecurities and bad days, and that no matter how much I wanted to be perfect, ‘perfect’ is just a pretty word - not a state that can be achieved. I’ve grown to be okay with that. Today, I’m happy being perfectly imperfect. 

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