Novices make admirable archery debuts

Newcastle University Archery Club went along to the Novice Championship to give their rookies their first taste of competitive archery

Miriam Atkinson
12th December 2016
Newcastle University Archery Club went along to the Novice Championship to give their rookies their first taste of competitive archery

All sporting journeys must begin somewhere. After six weeks of training, six of Newcastle University Archery Club’s newest members decided to take on their first competition, the Novice Championship.

Saturday 3rd December 2016 saw Honeyfer Amercio, Calum Day, Won Ji Lee, Ross MacDonald, Harvey Morrit, and Adele Pope journey down to Keele University, who were hosting the competition. They were accompanied by Club Captain Riki Kusuyama and Semester 1 Social Secretary Joss Cousins.

For this competition our archers were shooting a standard Portsmouth round (a type of scoring system). A 60cm target from 20 yards away, featuring 10 coloured rings. If an arrow hits the central golden circle, which is about the size of a large apple, the archer is awarded 10 points. The points decrease the further the arrow is from the centre; with the outer-most ring worth only 1 point. Zero points are given for a miss. Each archer shoots 60 arrows and can score a maximum of 600 points.

MENS RECURVE: Day was ranked twentieth out of 66 competitors. He scored an excellent 382 points with 58 arrows finding the target. Two of his arrows found the central ‘10’ circle.  MacDonald came thirtieth out of the 66 male archers, with 348 points, 57 hits and 3 ‘10s’.

"At NUAC, we are proud of all our new novices"

LADIES RECURVE: Pope was Newcastle sole representative in this category. She came sixth out of 40 competitors. Pope achieved 338 points with 57 hits. Three of her arrows scored the maximum 10 points.

MENS BAREBOW: Morrit ranked tenth out of the 26 male barebow competitors. He scored 324 points with 56 hits and an impressive 4 ‘10s’. Amercio came twentieth with a respectable 228 points, 50 hits and an arrow in the central ‘10’ circle.

LADIES BAREBOW: Lee was Newcastle only entry in her category. She came a fantastic second place out of 19 competitors. Lee scored 302 points with 56 hits and 3 ‘10s’.

An extra mention goes to Day, MacDonald and Pope. As Newcastle’s three highest scoring archers their points were combined, earning them a total of 1068 points and 8 ‘10s’. This placed Newcastle 10th out of the 14 competing university teams.

It is also worth noting that in their first competition, all six novices have achieved the qualifying score needed for Archery Indoor’s BUCS championships (British Universities & Colleges Sport) in 2017 should they wish to enter.

At NUAC, we are proud of all our new novices and we hope they continue to enjoy their time with us.

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