Olly Murs - 24 Hrs

Toby Bryant reviews Olly Murs' new album, 24 Hrs

Toby Bryant
28th November 2016

Over the past seven years, since finishing runner-up in 2009’s X-Factor, Olly Murs has become British pop royalty.

However, his fifth studio album 24 HRS isn’t up to his high standards. In July this year Murs released the first track, ‘You Don’t Know Love’, but the single only peaked at number 15 in the Charts. It’s catchy and was well played on mainstream radio but just lacked the infectious feeling that previous hits such as ‘Dance with Me Tonight’ thrived on.

This is the feeling for the rest of the album. There are 16 tracks of good pop music but not the excellence that we have come to expect from Murs. The sound he is trying to achieve is confusing for listeners. 24 HRS is meant to be a break-up album but Murs’ attempt to combine heartbreak with the happy-go-lucky personality and sound he has developed makes it hard for the album to make an impact.

"It’s not a bad pop album but it is far from outstanding"

The second track ‘Years & Years’ opens with almost haunting piano notes whilst he sings, “While I’m alone in the dark, I paint a picture in my mind,” but a minute and a half in, the introduction of a drum tries to bring the track into the realms of mainstream pop and it’s difficult to appreciate what Murs is trying to get at. The title track is another peculiar listen with an electro-pop vibe that is a little uncomfortable. That said, ‘Unpredictable’, ‘Back Around’ and ‘Love You More’ are more upbeat, classic-Murs and do stand-out on the record as potential future singles

It’s not a bad pop album but it is far from outstanding. The record will please Olly Murs fans but it won’t be making any huge waves in the music industry.

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