Omani society celebrate 45th National Day

The Omani society gave out flags, maps and roses to celebrate

Sophie Norris
23rd November 2015
Image: Newcastle University Omani society

Image: Newcastle University Omani society

Students from the Sultanate of Oman celebrated the 45th National Day of their country on Thursday, November 19th by sharing their celebrations with the wider student population.

The Omani society currently has 41 registered members, all of whom come from the country.

15 students celebrated the day outside of the Students’ Union by handing out brochure, flags, maps, balloons and flowers.

A member of the Omani Society, Khalid Al-subhi said: “The Omanis are a society committed to kindness, friendship, hospitality and the value of the family.

“We want to introduce our country to the people of Newcastle.”

One member of the group dressed in a fancy dress costume showing the national dress of Omani men, which is an ankle-length, collarless gown with called a dishdasha.

Many students visited the stall to find out about the history, politics and culture of the country.

Sultanate of Oman is situated in South West Asia and borders with Yemen, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia

The country, with a population of over 3million, is considered to be modern but western influences are heavily restricted.

It is for this reason that the students wanted to educate their peers about their country and get them involved in the activities.

They were celebrating the leadership of Sultan Quabus who they believe led the country in a renaissance towards modernity.

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