'Once Upon a Studio' - A reminder of 100 years of Disney magic

It's been over 100 years of Disney brilliance - does this short film manage to encapsulate the magic?

James Kellett
20th November 2023
Image Source: Twitter @DiscussingFilm
As Walt Disney Animation Studios Celebrates 100 years on our screens, they sought fit to dish out their famous movie magic to recognise their major milestone.

Once Upon a Studio became the newest addition to their plethora of motion picture marvels. The short film begins with a Disney employee conversing with Disney legend, Burny Mattinson, who sadly passed away in February after committing 70 years to the company, starting in 1953.

Whilst conversing, Mattinson remarks on the Disney centennial landmark stating: “If these walls could talk” … and talk they did. With the employees out of the studio building, the studio springs to life with our favourite characters from generations old and new, turning the building into a whole new world.

Characters from some of our most cherished works collide in comical ways by using infamous sound bites from some of their most celebrated works. The short is filled with characters partaking in the somewhat mundane, a reality that simply amused my child-like Disney brain.

I may no longer be the child that would constantly nag my dad to play our Disney CD in the car, but Once Upon a Studio reminded me to be grateful that I have had those memories

We are shown Gaston pampering himself in a mirror, a litter of Dalmatians glued to a screen showing the formidable Chernabog, and even Mangiafuoco venting his frustrations on a vending machine. As the characters assembled, a Mickey Mouse march was organised for all characters to head to the front of the studio for a centenary photograph.

For many, Disney films can be a generational component in their life, they can trigger memories of holidays, parties or simply cinematic awe, which all culminate in some form of emotional attachment.

On reflection, the film as a whole brimmed with nostalgia, we were showcased a variety of Disney generations all of which I and many others have connected with in differing ways.

Overall, this nostalgia in turn enabled me to have an emotional connection with the film, although I of course have favoured certain Disney works, it made me remember that they all include the special dose of Disney magic that provide the bare necessities to enjoy a film.

I may no longer be the child that would constantly nag my dad to play our Disney CD in the car, but Once Upon a Studio reminded me to be grateful that I have had those memories, which have all stemmed from 100 years of cinematic magic.

For those poor unfortunate souls who have not watched this heart warming piece, I implore you to see the light and partake in this reminiscent yet cheerful cinematic experience.

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AUTHOR: James Kellett
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