Once Upon a Time…there were better child actors

The Once Upon a Time reboot, according to Leah Graham, needed to recast a role

Leah Graham
19th May 2021
Credit: IMDb
If you’re one of the OUAT fans that slept through the majority of the final season, you’re not alone.

Season seven suffered the majority of the cast leaving, relocation, uninteresting plotlines and actors who completely lacked chemistry.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED Alice and Robin’s romance, Drizella’s anti-hero journey and Regina’s (well deserved!) ending as Queen of the united realms- but the series had a glaring drawback.

The young actress fails to provoke an emotional response from the audience

Alison Fernandez, who played Lucy Mills, wasn’t right for the role. Hear me out, the actress suffered from being compared to her earlier series counterpart Jared Gilmore (who for the majority was a strong actor) as well as little chemistry between the actors who played her parents, but this does not mean the rest of her scenes rescued her episodes.

Alison Fernandez just wasn't right for the role. Credit: IMDb, 2018 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.

For the most part, the actress gave an energetic performance. But despite this, there is a lack of passion in her words, which often fall empty. The young actress fails to provoke an emotional response from the audience and her ‘passionate’ speeches often come off impassive and detached. Season one had Henry as the driving force for unlocking the curse, but this can’t be said for Lucy.

I get what the show was going for, but I can’t help thinking the role should’ve gone to an older actor (for reference Gilmore was three years older than Fernandez when they each filmed their first scenes) this might’ve allowed for a deeper show of emotion from the character, which may have endeared fans to her more.

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