One Bond is not enough

With the release of the next highly-anticipated instalment in the Bond franchise, Helen Daly takes a look at the successes and pitfalls of the various Bond actors

2nd November 2015

If you can really stretch your depths of belief, I’m about to tell you something shocking. Bond is back! You already knew this? Of course you did; ever since we heard the first few snippets of information, everyone’s favourite agent has been everywhere. From posters on bus stops to trailers every five seconds, Bond has even appeared on the national news. 007 therefore, is not just big news, but big money. With Skyfall earning over $77 million in the opening weekend, it seems that the world just can’t get enough of that suave and sophisticated face-changer.

“Aside from being a sophisticated man, Connery’s Bond was also more effective than Cillit Bang at removing dirt”

‘Face-changer’ is one description you would not normally associate with James Bond, but it really is the key to the franchise’s success. Like Doctor Who, the only way it could be possible for Bond to last over fifty years is to change the actor; James just wouldn’t have the same appeal if he was an eighty year old man trying his best to fight some crimes. Bond is supposed to be fun and exciting, which is exactly what you get when each different actor brings something new to the party. Of course, this leads to epic pub debates about which Bond is best, so let’s delve a little into that pool, with three of the most memorable actors.

There’s one name that transcends the ‘James Bond Hall of Fame’. With that in mind, we’ll begin with the man, the myth, Sean Connery. Our Sean epitomised everything that is cool and, let’s face it, sexy about Bond. Pretty much always seen strutting around in a suit and bow tie, if the man was any more suave, the world would implode or something. Despite being in lots of scrapes, Connery would rarely have any dirt on him, let alone show any signs of injury. So aside from being the most sophisticated man on the planet, Connery’s Bond was also more effective than Cillit Bang at removing dirt.

You just have to merely whisper ‘James Bond’ and someone will mention the legendary Sir Roger Moore. The king of one liners, Moore’s Bond was always cracking the best, and at times, worst jokes, all with a cheeky smile. His dodgy jokes are almost always matched in their ridiculousness with absolutely insane stunts. During Moore’s time as 007, he successfully used a horse to catch up with a plane, drove a speedboat straight through an on-land wedding and completed a 360 degree flip over a river in a family car. Moore made Bond fun, a trait that was maybe lost among the seriousness of Pierce Brosnan.

The best thing about Roger Moore is that you can see hints of him in Daniel Craig’s most recent incarnation. Landing the role in 2005, Craig’s Bond has followed Moore’s in always being involved in ridiculously complex stunts. This Bond is certainly not afraid to get his hands dirty, regularly showing his battle scars, whilst still demonstrating that charm made famous by his predecessors.

Now, the debates about which Bond is best could go on for days; you’d be hard pushed to find someone who doesn’t have a preferred 007, and really there is no right answer. Regardless of who it is, our favourite agent will go on protecting the country. So, regardless of your face, you keep doing you, Bond, because it seems to be working well.

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