Our current fashion fixation: Lucy & Yak

Em Richardson shares her fashion favourite setting an example for all brands to follow.

Em Richardson
16th November 2019
By MikesPhotos from Pixabay
This week we're talking about Lucy & Yak, the independent brand creating sustainable handmade fashion you're going to want after reading.

Speaking as someone who thinks dungarees are appropriate wear for any occasion, I’ve been dreaming of a pair of Lucy & Yak dungarees for some time. I just love the designs available, ranging from rainbow pastels and stripes to dark coloured cords.

Instagram by @lucyandyak

The vivid colours look even better in person, and the quality is superb

When my family asked what I’d like for my birthday, I immediately thought of a pair of particularly lovely teal dungarees, found on the Lucy & Yak website. Although my birthday isn’t until the end of the month, I know my dream dungarees are wrapped and ready and, having already tried them on for size, the wait is killing me! The vivid colours look even better in person, and the quality is superb, with the cord being wonderfully thick and warm.

Instagram by @lucyandyak

I’m also attracted to Lucy & Yak because of their commitment to being eco-friendly, and treating their workers ethically. The brand began when the owners started making fabric pouches, selling them to make money whilst travelling. Upon returning to the UK, they decided to branch out into making whole pairs of dungarees.

Every worker at Lucy & Yak is paid more than the average national living wage

Instagram by @lucyandyak

Nowadays, Lucy & Yak products are manufactured in Northern India. At face value, this sounds no different from many major ‘fast fashion’ brands. However, Lucy & Yak couldn’t be more different. They’ve endeavoured to improve working conditions at all Indian tailoring businesses they work with, and the brand’s owners personally inspect each and every warehouse. Every worker at Lucy & Yak is paid more than the average national living wage, whether they work in India or the UK. In the UK, this means all workers are paid above the national minimum wage, too.

Over 90% of materials used by the brand are organic

Lucy & Yak also strive to lessen their environmental impact. Their main warehouse in India is 100% solar-powered, and they’re working on making production 100% plastic-free. Every item of Lucy & Yak clothing arrives in a biodegradable mailing bag, and any paper used in packaging is 100% recycled. Over 90% of materials used by the brand are organic, and any off-cuts are re-used to make more dungarees. Faulty pairs are sold for a discounted price on Depop and, to encourage customers to ‘recycle’ damaged items, they’re working on launching a repair service.

Instagram by @lucyandyak

The only obvious downside of Lucy & Yak is the relatively high price but, I would argue, it’s a price worth paying for a product that somehow manages to be high-quality, fashionable, and ethical.

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