Our favourite Sports Stocking Fillers

It's Christmas! Our editors Tom and Andrew talk us through they're favourite sporting stocking fillers

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12th December 2020

Tough Mudder headband

Our editors Tom and Andrew introduce us to their favourite sporting stocking fillers.
Image credit: Joanne Moorcroft

The Tough Mudder headband, a little something which I like to take a look at every now and then, bringing back a load of memories. For me, that’s what a sporty stocking filler is all about.

The alert fans of the Courier know that I like to talk about Tough Mudder at any possible opportunity, but I’m not ashamed of that. It was an event that completely shaped who I am, how I approach any barriers I find in my life now and then, and something I can look on for guidance down the road.

The toughest part of those 8-10 miles was facing against that mental blockade. The ‘will I’ and ‘can I’, not the ‘I can’t physically do it’. As tough as those miles were on my body, the mental exhaustion was something I’ve never experienced before.

And as much as looking back on it, I can’t help but think: I'll never put myself through that again, I know damn well that I will. I’ve done it one time, why wouldn’t I test myself and do it all over again?

The perfect little reminder which helps all those memories come flooding right back, that Tough Mudder headband sits in high esteem as a lovely little desk tidy. I should never be able to say I can’t do something ever again, with a will and a way I can do anything I put my mind to. 

Spurs v Chelsea Ticket

Image credit: Andrew White

My stocking filler could be anything football related, from my visits in Berlin to BFC Dynamo and Hertha Berlin, to the programme from my first ever game (Aldershot Town vs Watford 19th July 2003), but I have chosen to keep it to the team closest to my heart - Spurs. My stocking filler is my ticket and programme to Spurs v Chelsea at Wembley, in 2018.

The match is one that I hold close to my heart, I travelled to London on an eight hour Megabus, with my then-girlfriend and two of my closest friends from home- Oliver being a Chelsea fan.

The match occurred during the first weekend of Christmas markets in London. London was thriving and as beautiful as I've ever seen it. The ticket reminds me of my frustration during the coach journey; my Pret Mint Hot Chocolate before the game, and more importantly - a Tottenham win.

Spurs dominated the game, goals from Dele Alli, Harry Kane, and a goal of the season contender from Son Heung-Min led Spurs to a 3-1 victory as Giroud scored a late consolation for Chelsea.

It was 3-1 but should have been 6,7,8. Other than Amsterdam, it was the last game of the peak of the Poch era, an era in Spurs history I hold close to my heart.

The eight-hour coach back to Newcastle was much less frustrating than the trip down to London. A Spurs victory, and the opportunity to wind Oliver up for 8 hours, sounds like a perfect day to me.

Featured image: Unsplash@Markus-Spiske

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