PFW: The rise of the 90’s

Sally Mu investigates the hottest S/S16 trends that graced the Paris Fashion Week runways this month

19th October 2015


Whilst the dazzling and powerful 80s trend dominated the last Autumn/Winter 15 couture show, next season is all about the 90s. The return of the British street rave scene gave a refreshing spin to this season’s PFW.

At Chloé’, every look was infused with fresh and youthful innocence. Models were sent out in wide-legged sporty ‘rave pants’, reminiscent of the three-stripe Adidas tracksuit bottoms worn in sweaty nightclubs back in the music-fuelled party years of the late 90s. Alongside this casual staple were long floaty dresses and tops in colours ranging from white and pastel to rainbow hues, and the swinging tassles were particularly memorable.

Also unforgettable were the vertical georgette pleats that were suspended from drawstrings on a sweeping tank dress, and the maxi balloon pants strewn with eye-grabbing multicolored braided strings. The 90s witnessed a dynamic change in the fashion world, and the strappy-spindly sandals that marked the era are definitely a perfect and effortless look for next summer! Airy, comfortable and fabulous - what more could a girl want?

‘‘This season’s PFW was awash with unapologetically feminine power’’

Victoriana lingerie is another upcoming and highly featured trend that took over the catwalk at PFW, keeping its purity and precision whilst harking back the youthful innocence of years before. Dior showed amazing talent by linking the Victorian era to the 21st Century Paris with their lingerie-inspired simple fabric collection, where delicate Victorian lingerie shorts and fitted scalloped tops were paired with filmy organza dresses. This season’s PFW was awash with unapologetically feminine power: victorian silhouettes came in the form of corseted bodices, ruffles and meadow-print floral embroideries. The mix of lingerie inspired petticoats and shorts sets, delicately embroidered and layered under chunky knitwear was mastered perfectly. The cotton veil tops and starched white undergarments were a fresh take on the lingerie trend, but teamed with pinstripes and tailored jackets made them wholly wearable!

On the other side of the runway, Louis Vuitton immersed the PFW audience in a shimmering digital punk world.  Models were striking out in punky and boxy biker jackets which completely stole the show, and cowboy-influenced spurs, leather waistcoats and patchwork patterned trousers were made tough. It truly was a sight that called to be seen! LV also gave the past a modern twist in a sci-fi 80s theme, featuring an eyebrow-raising revived puffball skirt trend. Paired with prim bell sleeved blouses and polished black cowboy boots or chunky flatform laced brogues and sandals, the bubble skirt adds a touch of romantic fantasy to the strong edgy grunge theme.

A crowd-pleaser for sure.

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