Poembox: 33

Aviva Rayne takes Poembox with a piece entitled "33".

Aviva Rayne
6th February 2022

Thirty three, a redeeming quality

Gained much of the tranquillity

Perhaps need a bit of clemency

Drank once from the poisonous chalice

Coming from the wreckage of disastrous

This is the age of Christ the crucified

Or the one whose fear is to be forgotten

Eva Perón, the least conceived Argentinian

Come on in, let’s observe the orchard

Arisen through the spines but nurtured

Yes, no tangible achievements

Jill of trades, masteress of none

But not the epitome of nonchalance

Till dying, dying for knowledge

Sex, ale and books, the three beloveds

Let’s hear what the Charlatan said once

“My name means the leader

You are just Aviva

Which makes you inferior

Whereas all I do is for the greater”

These are the words of no etiquette

Nearly ambushed was I, but unscathed

As defined, he was presumptuous

Like Goliath, spewing venom

He held the little man of his locum

Wisdom misleads

There are times you say “Glad I did not”

As in the case of Smyrnian

In disguise of ritualistic threesome

She was offered to him as feast

Irrespective of misfortunes and fortunes

Until the first born of Rayne

The pivotal figure of 33 is to remain.

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