Poembox: sluggish

Zahra Hanif takes the first Poembox of the year....

Zahra Hanif
15th September 2023
Zahra Hanif takes the first Poembox of the year....

searching for something i can't hear, see, smell, touch or taste. 

because in every glistening tassel, i sense your presence. 

your silver linings carry me to my sweet sanctuary, where i dream that for once i wake up alone. 

but each morning i thrash awake to the vision of you crawling under my skin,

taking your time as you roam, 

weaving around my bones in search of a new home. 

flicker, blink, bang,

your faint scent fuels my early exasperation. 

now i'll have to watch my stride

on what you've made a slip and slide. 

God help me.

- a poem about, or a message to, the slug on my floor

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AUTHOR: Zahra Hanif
English literature student :)

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