Poembox: First of December

Sarah Tunstall takes Poembox this week with a festive piece.

Sarah Tunstall
13th December 2021

Nothing has changed with the weather since November

But the radio have started the Christmas playlist.

Mariah tells you she wants you for Christmas,

Bublé has defrosted.

Band Aid are raising money,

And by now the songs are exhausted.

The streets have been lit up

For almost a month.

And the late night shoppers

Are panic buying all the presents.

Mums and dads are rushing to schools

For the Christmas plays and events.

Your mum takes out 

The turkey from the oven.

Whilst grandma tries to intervene.

The presents have been opened,

The toys have been played with,

And Hugh Grant is dancing on the screen. 

The feeling of being full,

After indulging on roast potatoes,

Whilst you simmer for a week,

Before 2022 is here.

The tree is still bright,

On Christmas Day night,

Before you take down the decorations,

For another year.

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