Ponytails: The Highs and Lows

Sophie Hindhaugh discusses all the different ponytail styles you may be considering, and the pros and cons of each of them

Sophie Hindhaugh
1st May 2018
Image Credit: @arianagrande (Instagram)

It’s hard to know how to do your hair sometimes. Do you go for a high ponytail, effortless low ponytail, or even an I-woke-up-like-this messy bun? I’m going to talk you through the pros and cons of each style as, whether you realise it or not, how you wear your ponytail says a lot about your pony-ality.

The High Ponytail: For me, high ponytails are the G.O.A.T (thank you Drake, for that wonderful acronym). I wear a high ponytail nearly every day, without fail. As someone with long hair, who hates it sticking to her face, this is the easiest, quickest style for me to look humanly acceptable. And, as a serial scrunchie addict, I delight in how a high ponytail shows off your chosen scrunchie on the top of your head perfectly. This high ponytail is preferably worn in a messy style (perfect for when it’s been a questionable amount of time since you washed it) for 90’s Cool Mean Girl movie vibes.  Some girls may feel nervous about having their hair ‘scraped back’, but how else are other people going to notice and appreciate your beat face? And also, for an extra 30 minutes in bed, isn’t it worth the hair risk? The pros include a quick, cool, easy and ideal style for ‘activities’. However, it’s not ideal if you don’t fancy quite literally facing the world due to it being pulled back off your face, possible headaches if too tight and not a preferable choice when you have a giant spot on your forehead.

Image Credit: @kimkardashian (Instagram)

The Low Ponytail: The Low Ponytail. You girls really have your life together don’t you? The Low Ponytail girl enjoys bottomless brunches, filling in her meticulous diary and wearing Zara coats. Her Instagram layout is normally a work of art, and she usually has cool black sunglasses and enjoys LFW.  I admire Low Ponytail girls because frankly, my life is just not that together, and my look is very much that haphazard high pony. I envy the Low Ponytail girl, because that perfectly parted, positioned ponytail shows a girl who gets up in ample time and has the confidence of Miranda Priestly.  You know you look effortlessly cool and beautiful, dammit.

And, on the subject of low ponytails, none other than High Ponytail Queen Ariana Grande has been sported spotting a very low ponytail style. This may not seem significant to the average person, but it was enough to trend on twitter and inspire multiple articles. The Low Ponytail movement is full of empowered, together women who have their lives together, and I’m determined to be (or at least look) like one. This is because the advantages of the low ponytail mean you will feel like a LFW model, it’s a nice change from the high ponytail, you get no headaches, and radiate a more mature, boss bitch vibe? (I’m  feeling it). However, it takes more time perfecting that part and position, and your hair looks best sleek and straightened beforehand so takes more time in the morning (However, can be worn to fancy dinners and is then quite a quick hairstyle- a pro! Versatile!)

Image Credit: @thejoshlin (Instagram)

The Bun: Now neither of these ponytails may be your vibe. Maybe you’re a wild card and wear a scandalous side ponytail, or even a half up half down ponytail (do you have commitment issues?), and perhaps, even pigtails (though I hope you’re not over the age of 10 or cosplaying Pippy Longstockings). However, there is one easy staple hairstyle I haven’t covered yet- one of the Big Three- and that is the bun. The bun is a complicated one, in that it looks easy, yet is impossible to achieve. I spent countless minutes (hours)  trying achieve that messy, tousled bun that was so popular on Tumblr (you know what I mean) in sixth form, yet its always eluded me.  Girls who can rock a bun are girls not be messed with, whether it’s a Cool Lazy I-Just-Put-My-Hair-Up-What-No-This-Took-Me-30-Seconds! kinda bun, or a slicked back bold ballerina bun, they know exactly what it takes to be that girl and they own it.

Image Credit: @kyliecosmetics (Instagram)

In the end however, it is just hair, and though a certain style may have you feeling some sort of vibe, as long as you wear it with confidence, you will look beautiful regardless.

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