Preview: Don't Worry Darling

Paparazzi photos of the film shooting broke the internet. So what does the trailer tell us about this all star production?

Imogen Smillie
18th May 2022
The raunchy trailer promises a romance between these two super stars. Image: IMDB
Want a thriller starring Florence Pugh and Harry Styles, directed by Olivia Wilde? Don’t Worry Darling, we’ve got you covered…

A new thriller is coming to town this year, set in 1950’s California. It follows Jack and Alice (Styles and Pugh), the seemingly perfect couple, living a seemingly perfect life. The romance between the two of them is one we are all clearly envious of – I mean, it is the Harry Styles and Florence Pugh. But it appears that sometimes, things can be a little too perfect, as Alice begins to suspect that not everything in their pristine town is as normal as she is being told.

The romance between the two of them is one we are all clearly envious of – I mean, it is the Harry Styles and Florence Pugh

Director, Olivia Wilde, has brought together a stellar cast (including herself, Gemma Chan, and Chris Pine among many others) to represent a classic group of friends during the 1950’s era. That being the women are the housewives while the men go to work, and then they all come together at the end of the day for a party. Now usually I would be frustrated and bored by this storyline, yet again, but something named ‘The Victory Project’ seems to be shaking up the sexist traditions of the time.

Olivia Wilde, Chris Pine, and Nick Kroll also star in the film. Image: IMDB

With quite a confusing, yet raunchy trailer (yes we’ve all witnessed that one part with Styles and Pugh on the table…) it will be interesting to see whether director Wilde can pull off such a seemingly dark project. Hopefully this will be a success much like her past films such as Booksmart, and with support from a such a talented cast, this is one to look out for. And film nerds, lets make sure to beat the Styles’ super-fans to cinema!

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