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Meg Howe tells us why season four will be crowned the best of TV

Meg Howe
7th September 2020
Credit: Netflix on Youtube
Since The Crown hit our screens four years ago, eager watchers have become hooked into the retelling of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II and the private lives of the Royal Family. From history buffs to TV super fans, The Crown has been a huge hit; and now it’s finally time to start looking forward to season four due to hit our Netflix recommended box on 15 November 2020.

Netflix released a forty-seven-second sneak peek trailer showing a glimpse at what this season has to offer. Both professional and amateur TV critics have written articles and posted YouTube videos with theories and comments about new cast members and potential storylines. But, what should we expect from this season?

It is inevitable that the complicated relationship between Prime Minister Margret Thatcher and Queen Elizabeth II will be explored

The trailer doesn't reveal the face, but we all know who this is.
Credit: Netflix on Youtube

Season three, covering the years 1963-1977, clearly set up many possible storylines for the audience to get hooked on. We know this season will showcase the decade of the 80s, and it is inevitable that the complicated relationship between Prime Minister Margret Thatcher and Queen Elizabeth II will be explored.

The teaser trailer shows Thatcher being portrayed by Gillian Anderson, recently seen in Netflix’s Sex Education, as a new addition to the well-known cast. She claims to be looking forward to the “opportunity to portray a complex and controversial woman”, and it will be interesting to see the power struggle between these two ground-breaking figures!

Episode one of season three set up the narrative that the royal art advisor and member of the Queen’s inner circle, Antony Blunt, was none other than a Russian KGB spy. While this was kept a secret at the time to stop British allies from losing faith in the country, it seems very likely that season four will cover Thatcher’s exposer of the secret just after she was elected in 1979.

It is clear that we will see the relationship and marriage of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer

Diana's iconic wedding dress is shown in the trailer. Credit: Netflix on Youtube

There was also a shift of focus in season three from the life of Elizabeth and her young children to the adult lives of Prince Charles and Princess Anne in their formative years. Of course, this sets season four up perfectly to explore some of their challenges as post-adolescent members of the Royal Family.

The romantic relations between Prince Charles and Camila Parker Bowles are briefly seen towards the end of season three. A scene showing Camila in the bath while Charles is writing a secret letter to his uncle, the former Prince of Wales, who was forced to abdicate the thrown 1937, and later had relations with Hitler, marks a moment in Charles’ life when he is trying to come into his own, despite the opinions of his family.

It is clear that we will see the relationship and marriage of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer, Charles’ infidelity with his former lover, Camila, and the love-square with Andrew Parker Bowles and his own sister, Princess Anne.

Emma Corrin is set to play Princess Diana in her first major role.
Credit: IMDb, Faye Thomas

The role of icon Diana is set to be portrayed by actress Emma Corrin. Corrin only seems to have a smaller acting portfolio, but casting directors of The Crown have never failed to disappoint, so it seems she should fit the role quite well. While there are not too many recordings of Diana speaking, a news interview she did just after her separation with Prince Charles shows her to have a soft and pretty voice. Concentration on dialect and vocal is something that the first three seasons of The Crown have shown to do very well, and it is doubted that this will be an exception with Corrin’s portrayal of Diana.

While Diana’s role in British history is iconic, Corrin will only portray the role for season 4, as Elizabeth Debicki is set to take over in the final two seasons. So, we will see the birth of William and Harry, as well as Charles and Diana’s 1982 trip to Australia, but overall we will not be seeing any of 90s Diana until season five!

We can expect that season four will cover the major royal security scandal of 1982

Tom Brooke will be Michael Fagan.
Credit: IMDb, Clive Barda

As there are no major cast changes this season, Olivia Coleman and Helena Bonham Carter will continue to portray the roles of loving but somewhat-rival royal sisters. In an interview, Bonham Carter revealed that this season will cover Princess Margret’s surgery to get part of her lung removed.

A further cast addition to this season is the supposed appearance of Bodyguard’s Tom Brooke; who will portray the infamous Michael Fagan. We can expect, therefore, that season four will cover the major royal security scandal of 1982, when Fagan broke into the palace and entered the Queen’s bedroom. It will certainly be interesting to see Coleman’s emotional portrayal of this historical moment!

When asking what we can see from season four of The Crown, the list can go on and on. But, what we do know for sure is that we will get ten emotional filled episodes with Coleman’s fantastic portrayal of Queen Elizabeth II for one final time, before another big cast change for season five.

Credit: Netflix on Youtube
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