Preview: The Falcon and The Winter Soldier

Anojya Shree talks Sam Wilson, Bucky Barnes and the Captain America mantle

Arnojya Shree
24th December 2020
Credit: Disney, Marvel Studios
I have been or, used to be an incessant Marvel fan for an entire decade. The first Marvel character I had initially fancied was Bucky, of course.

The ragged, brainwashed, tormented soldier who didn't know how to make sense of this dystopia he had woken up in. I was so engulfed in Bucky (Sebastian Stan) and so utterly stupefied by the fact that he didn't have his own franchise. And then came Cap (Chris Evans), with his heart pointing due north. So morally righteous was this American gem, so brave and so unwilling to compromise when it came to doing right by the world. So I fell head over heels, for Steve. It remained the same for years until the credits of Avengers: Endgame (2019) rolled in the theatre, and I felt that heartbreaking, gut-wrenching ending in real life too. I vowed right there and then that Marvel, for me, was over along with Cap.

Credit: IMDb, Disney, Marvel Studios

Cut to a year and a half later, I'm sitting here about to write a preview for The Falcon and The Winter Soldier (2021), and I feel incredibly hypocritical. But let's just say that Marvel has a way of reeling me in by fulfilling the promise about Bucky Barnes. In Endgame, Cap passed on his legendary legacy and shield to Falcon (Anthony Mackie), to which Bucky approved heartily. The new Disney+ show is supposed to pick up right afterwards. 

The world continues to be wrecked by new opposing forces, and our old experienced man, Winter Soldier, realises that the world needs a protector. Falcon, understands it too, but the responsibility of carrying the infamous shield is a huge one to decide upon. I'm reminded about 'heavy is the head that wears the crown' and how the series attempts to get Falcon and Bucky to realize that they are the leading heirs now. 

Credit: IMDb, Disney, Marvel Studios

So, on March 19, 2021, we finally get a look at the supposedly new Captain America. Even though I have my reservations about how Endgame should have ended, looking at Falcon and Bucky as a duo has been nostalgic. However, the preview makes the show look a lot emptier, even with a lot of expected chaos taking place. It might just be that my habit of seeing the Avengers team has made the storyline appear more barren.

Or maybe, it is merely not as anticipatory as the previous Avengers or instead, Marvel era used to be. This aftermath of a story makes a safe attempt and tries to play its cards right, which might sit well with new audiences. However, my sustained disappointment and disagreement with Cap's position in Endgame continue to exist. But keeping my subjective opinions aside, for the sake of Falcon, and above all Bucky, let's hope that the series is in the least bit, redemptive.  

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier begins streaming 19/3/21 on Disney+

Credit: Marvel Entertainment, YouTube
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