Preview: Westworld

Before yesterday's UK season premiere, Phoebe Fielder shared her thoughts on what may be to come in the latest Westworld episodes.

Phoebe Fielder
24th April 2018
Image Credit: @hbowestworld (instagram)

Westworld, a philosophical fiction which blends high art and design with science. The first season led us through a game-show western world populated with highly realistic androids, to whom high paying guests could do whatever they wished. Season one ended on a high note with the revolution of the androids, something we had all been rooting for. The much-anticipated character Wyatt had now been revealed.

As for season two, it is supposedly going to be much, much bigger. Actor Jeffrey Wright stated that ‘the first season looks like a little kitchen drama compared to where we are now’. The wider world of season two was in fact hinted at when we glimpsed Samurai androids during that last episode sitting within the depths of the Westworld laboratories. Some other cast members analysation of the second season is a little more concerning. Leading actress Evan Rachel Wood on her newly developed character Wyatt, ‘I have no idea what I’m supposed to do or who I am playing anymore.’

In the colourful words of cast member Thandie Newton: 'it's all fucked' ... but hopefully in a good way

So, we know that whatever is coming will be extremely narratively fractured, so much so that the actors themselves are in the dark. This is a device known to be used by HBO to keep all spoilers quiet and often employed in Game of Thrones. Yet concerns rise with this second season, as ‘the challenge for Westworld is to ensure that its complex mythology doesn’t end up strangling its narrative.’ James Donaghy of The Guardian pegs how easy it could be for the second season to overreach itself, which we all avidly hope will not happen, and that the fantastic blend of science and story line will continue. In the colourful words of cast member Thandie Newton (Maeve Millay): ‘It’s all fucked’... but hopefully in a good way.

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