Rare Beauty: Rare Message, Rarer Inclusivity

Despite initial scepticism, Georgia Morson learns that Selena Gomez's beauty line truly is Rare.

Georgia Morson
14th October 2020
When Selena Gomez first announced the launch of her makeup brand to her 190 million Instagram followers, I found myself amongst many sceptical observers. After all, it was nothing new; just another celebrity trying her hand at cosmetics. Little did I know then that Rare Beauty was no ordinary makeup business.

The rising number of singers, actresses and Instagram models branching out into the makeup world has made the creation of makeup nothing but a cash grab, but Selena’s unique mission with Rare Beauty has set her aside from the rest. The debut picture on Rare Beauty’s Instagram which declares that “You are Rare”, and the caption that clearly states the brand’s aim to “shape conversations around beauty, self-acceptance and mental health” encourages us to perceive the brand as one that truly cares about the well-being of its consumers.


Not only does Rare Beauty offer helplines and useful resources on its website, but its online presence also features discussions regarding mental health, with #WeAreRare dedicated to destigmatising mental health and building a supportive community. What’s more, the brand has even gone as far as delegating a Mental Health Council to “help guide [its] strategy”. This focus on supporting mental health is further highlighted by Rare Beauty’s impact fund, which aims to donate $100 million to mental health services in the next ten years. In fact, from launch-day the brand kickstarted this mission by donating 1% of every product sale to such services, proving that the company’s ambitious promises are, slowly but surely, coming to fruition.


In a climate where only 28% of men and 26% of women are satisfied with how they look, Selena’s message that makeup is simply an “accessory to compliment what’s beautiful about you” couldn’t be more valuable

Selena’s brand also promotes a refreshingly positive message regarding makeup and beauty: Rare Beauty is about “accepting who you are - and finding the comfort in your imperfections”, about “breaking down unrealistic standards of perfection” and about makeup that is “made to feel good in, without hiding what makes you unique.” With more and more makeup brands promoting full coverage products, Rare Beauty encourages us all to practice self-love and acceptance. In a climate where only 28% of men and 26% of women are satisfied with how they look, Selena’s message that makeup is simply an “accessory to compliment what’s beautiful about you” couldn’t be more valuable.

Whilst Rare Beauty’s mission to destigmatise mental health and discover self-love is incredibly important, another crucial element to the makeup brand is its inclusivity. At Rare Beauty, you will find your products 100% vegan and cruelty-free, but also in 48 different shades when it comes to foundation and concealer. This extensive shade range for a debut makeup brand can only be challenged by Rihanna’s ground-breaking Fenty range, which today contains a total of 50 different shades. But enough about Fenty. In addition to the diverse range of foundation and concealer shades, Selena’s products are also disability-friendly. The Rare Beauty tools, “designed to mirror the shape of your finger”, along with the rounded tops of the product bottles, make makeup application easier for those with limited joint movement. Taking this into consideration, Selena’s two-year project, Rare Beauty, is nothing if not an industry game-changer.

Featured Image: Rare Beauty YouTube All Images Courtesy of Instagram

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