Reading list: Books that inspire me to travel

Now that the prospect of travelling in 2022 is becoming more likely, we've compiled a list of book which will inspire you to travel.

Alice Holmes
28th February 2022
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In light of World Book Day on the 3rd of March, I’ve compiled a list of books which I’ve personally found have inspired me to travel. Many people find that whilst travelling they actually find more time to read and get through more books. Coincidentally, due to the authors ability to describe a range of settings and create a variety of moods, I’ve found that many fictional books inspire me to visit new places and make me want to travel more. 
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Call me by your name

Set in the 1980s in Northern Italy, this book is the perfect read to inspire you to travel. I read this book whilst travelling around the Amalfi Coast in Italy and remember last summer, sitting by the sea in Ischia reading it. Not only does it evoke holiday memories for me, the description of setting in the book is so realistic and detailed, it can only persuade you to travel.  

The Dud Avocado 

As if I didn’t need any more persuading to visit Paris, this book only intensifies this dream. The Dud Avocado is inspired by Elaine Dundy’s own experiences living in Paris and follows the life of American graduate, Sally Jay Gorce, trying to break into the French film industry. Knowing that this book is based off personal experience explains the perfect setting. 

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Frenchman’s Creek 

Daphne Du Maurier is renowned for her passion for Cornwall, and the area is therefore a backdrop for many of her stories. This is especially prominent in Frenchman’s Creek. This historical novel covers a love affair between Lady St. Columb, staying on Frenchman’s Creek in the Helford in Cornwall, with a French pirate. As someone who absolutely loves Cornwall and visits every year, this book, and others by her, always reminds me of being there and makes me want to go immediately. I believe if anyone hasn’t been to Cornwall they will surely want to after reading her books.  

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Us Three 

Written by Ruth Jones, known for screenwriting Gavin and Stacy (and her role as Nessa), this book follows the complicated friendship of three women as they grow older. One thing I loved about this book was the first half where they go travelling around Greece. The adventurous tone of the book and realistic nature of travelling was just perfect and made me want to plan a trip with friends straight away. Besides this, if you loved watching Gavin and Stacy, I would recommend reading this book as the same humour runs throughout the novel perfectly.

Image credit: Instagram @barefootbookclub

Normal People 

I’m sure everyone has heard of this, read this, or watched the series (and if you haven’t then you need to) and so it doesn’t need saying that Normal People is an amazing book to read detailing the complicated relationship between Connell and Marianne as they go from school, to university and onwards. However, not only is this book a great read on relationships, this book (and the series) also is a great summer read to get you inspired for travel. The scene where they travel to an Italian villa over the summer always makes me want to go travelling and wish that the weather was warmer.  

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