Red Dead Redemption II voice actor releases western audiobook

Roger Clark has released a self-directed and self-published audiobook.

Carl Smith Valdez
3rd March 2020
Roger Clark, the voice actor for Arthur Morgan in Red Dead Redemption II has released a new audiobook of Max Brand’s Western novel, Way of the Lawless, which became available on 9 February.

The audiobook is available on Payhip for £15.58. It is not available on Audible, so listeners must use an alternative player.

A preview of the audiobook is available on YouTube from Clark's official channel.

Way of the Lawless is Clark’s first ‘unbridled’ audio, a self-published, self-directed audiobook project. He has previously released over sixty audiobook titles from varying genres such as fantasy, fiction and self-help. Clark has said in a promotional post that he aims to “introduce a series of Western novels put into audiobook form as only he could.”

A preview of the audiobook is available on YouTube from Clark’s official channel. As of 22 February, the video has received over 21,000 views and has had 31,000 likes and five dislikes.

The preview has garnered positive responses from Red Dead Redemption II fans. The top comment on Clark’s YouTube video has associated his voice to his character, Arthur Morgan “reading to Jack at camp”, receiving 965 likes.

The positive reactions were echoed on Clark’s official Twitter account. He has pinned a promotional post from 11 February, which has reached 1,100 likes and 149 retweets since 22 February. Many sent gifs and imagery from Red Dead Redemption II, showing their continuous support to his new audiobook.

Written in 1921, Way of the Lawless focuses on Andrew Lanning, an outlaw attempting to escape from his strong minded and ruthless pursuer, Hal Dozier. The novel consists of cowboys riding horses and chasing each other. It brings to question whether Lanning is guilty of his actions or not.

Roger Clark has been a professional actor since 2000 predominantly working in voice-over capture, theater and film. He has performed theatrically in more than 40 countries and has won Best Performance for Arthur Morgan at The Game Awards in 2018.

Featured image credit: @RO_VP23 (Twitter)

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