Reduce, Restyle, Reuse

Fashion editor, Miranda Stoner, guides us through the journey into the back of your closet to save last month’s impulse buys...

5th November 2018
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It’s mid-term and the euphoria of the student loan has begun to fade. Your purse is lined with receipts for all the things you’ve bought to get yourself through the ever-heightening tower of work as deadlines that seemed ages away creep closer.

[pullquote]You no longer have the money to spare for a shopping trip, but your September wardrobe is beginning to look a little bit stale. [/pullquote]No doubt though, there are a few things that have lurked at the back of the cupboard unworn since you hung them up last month. Here are a few tips for putting these cast-offs to good use whilst simultaneously spicing up your winter outfits.

Bold Colours and patterns

If the reason you’ve been putting off wearing it is because the colour is too bright, or just too far from what you might normally wear, then try adding it to an otherwise black and white look. Bright colours look great when contrasted against a monotone background. Being bold never goes out of fashion so don’t shy away from incorporating bright colours into your wardrobe staples. The same applies to patterns- if you keep the rest of your clothing choices plain then pattern creates a sophisticated edge. Whereas too many or clashing colours and patterns run the risk of overpowering each other and missing the mark, a small eye-catching splash can add flare.


You bought the wrong size

Whether you went a size too small or misjudged just how oversize ‘oversize’ was, this doesn’t mean you will never be able to wear it. In terms of items that are too big, never underestimate the power of a belt to cinch in those yards of extra material. For long t-shirts and jumpers tighten a wide buckled belt, then pair with tights or leggings and a messy top-knot. Skirts and trousers can suit a narrower belt with a tucked in t-shirt or cropped jumper. On the other end of the spectrum, if you bought something that turned out to be a bit more cropped or a bit more skin-tight than you has anticipated then incorporate it as the first step of your winter layering. Follow with a loose shirt or jumper.


You bought it because it was ‘on trend’

We’re all guilty of doing this. My wardrobe is full of things that seemed like a good idea because I’d seen someone on Instagram wearing it with effortless style, but somehow I never managed to pull it off the same way. More often than not, this style intruder can be toned down with the right pair of shoes and a few of your staple pieces. Tartan trousers are one such example. In the changing room the cut and the fit of them looked perfect but the wide leg just didn’t match my usual trainers or my penchant for baggy jumpers. By switching to chunky trainers and wearing a crop top and a jacket, both in black, this toned down the incongruency of this garment with the rest of my wardrobe.


If it’s still beyond saving

If the item you bought simply doesn’t fit or will just never be worn, then consider selling it on eBay or Depop or giving it away to charity. It could become someone else’s new staple or favourite outfit addition. Moreover, if you’re looking for low cost, sustainable ways to carry on shopping then these are great platforms and places to browse for your own mid-season wardrobe updates. Charity shops are very selective in what they put on the shelves so it is normally in good condition. They also often underestimate the RRP of the garment and don’t recognise brands, when pricing so you can pick up some great bargains. Whereas Depop and eBay are perfect for when you’re on the hunt for something specific as all the items are labelled and categorised. This means that you can find exactly what you are looking for and compare prices easily.

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