Review: '1930s Graphic Design Menopause' b/w 'Savers Teabags' by No Teeth

Muslim Taseer profiles the Newcastle experimental music collective and reviews their newest single.

Muslim Taseer
14th May 2020
No Teeth are an experimental music collective from the Toon. They self-identify as noise-rock, and describe their sound as "a multi-layered cacophony of shrieking guitars, Wurlitzer-esque keys and erratic percussion which always feels imminently close to collapsing in dissonance". To the layman, me, that sounds like a lot of words for "harsh goddamn noise", but I love it nonetheless.

Their new single, '1930s Graphic Design Menopause' is just the sort of post-punk noise that gets you wanting to tear shit up, and a stellar showing by Newcastle's home-brewed noise-rock firebrands. The title track, '1930s Graphic Design Menopause', is a surreal, apocalyptic prophecy, very fitting to the times it's been released in. The phrase I took away from the song, mainly because it was harshly screamed into my ear a dozen times, was that "the Cold War is never over". I'm not sure whether to take that at face value or as a metaphor for something else but either way I definitely agree. The instrumental work is top-notch, and sounds hardcore and spooky while also being pleasant to listen to, something not all noise bothers to ensure. The track is a lovely slice of the beat generation cut out and served to us with a rather grimy presentation, and is worth a listen for sure.

The artwork for the release
Image: No Teeth

The B-side, 'Savers Teabags', is my favourite of the two, and is a nice little repetitive jingle for budget teabags. It's a perfect little outburst of noise, interspersed with chants of "SAVERS!" and "TEABAGS!" I've never had tea made with them, but the track certainly does make me want to try it. Perhaps No Teeth has a future in marketing jingles. Jokes aside, it is a banging B-side and the instrumental work is insane. Props to whoever is responsible for the cover art too, it fits the single very well.

No Teeth have definitely piqued our interest with this release, and I'll be sure to keep an eye out for future releases, and maybe even catch a gig once this lockdown business is over with. Until then, make sure to give their social media, listed below a look and the single a listen.

Check them out on Spotify, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (both @WEHAVENOTEETH)

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