Review: Celebs Go Dating

Clarissa O'Neill shares her thoughts on recent reality series, Celebs Go Dating.

Clarissa O'Neill
5th March 2018
Image Credit: YouTube

Celebs Go Dating is a British reality television program shown on E4. It surrounds the idea of celebrities engaging with love gurus who own an exclusive dating agency. They try to match these single celebrities with ordinary people from the public, which seems to be some sort of challenge. There has been many series, highlighting its popularity. With our society loving reality television with voyeurism being a key attribute, this television program uses this to their advantage. Exploiting these celebrities to some embarrassing moments and cringe dates, this television series could be viewed as trashy television at its finest.

They have some great and entertaining celebrities; in the most recent series they have included Gemma Collins who is always attracting attention and comedy with her loud character and extravagant personality, defiantly encouraging viewers to keep watching and explore her love journey to the end. They also have well-loved celebrities, including Made in Chelsea star Sam Thompson, who has had many strange dates which have not always gone to plan.

It's filled with cringe but that is what makes this show so entertaining and full of surprise

Moreover, another comedic element comes from the voice over, as he is always coming out with some great one-liners and takes the mickey out of the celebrities and their dates. However, with the constant humour running throughout this program, you are often caught thinking to what extent is it all scripted, how much is it actually reality? Which could make it less enjoyable to watch, with reality being the key feature and if that is untrue then what is the point?

Nevertheless I would still highly recommend watching this television series, if you are searching for an easy watch and if your guilty pleasure is some trashy reality television. It’s filled with cringe but that is what makes this show so entertaining and full of surprise. Viewers want to keep watching in anticipation of these celebrities finding love.

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