Review: Fifa 16

Jared Moore (slide) tackles the latest installation the long-running FIFA series

19th October 2015

Each new season football clubs spend millions of pounds refurbishing their squads, adapting their backroom staff and preparing for the title race that lies ahead. It only seems fitting therefore that EA release their newest variation of FIFA at the same time, so that adoring fans can control their favourite teams from the comfort of their own couches. But are we really getting our money's worth this year in FIFA 16?

The latest version of the game has a few notable differences to FIFA 15: changes to tackling, Ultimate team's new draft mode and the addition of Woman's football are all significant. However, besides these features, the game plays almost identically to FIFA 13, 14 or 15. Arguably there isn't a great deal you can change in a sports game from one year to the next, but for a top-end priced game, where are the groundbreaking leaps forward? If you consider the progress Rockstar has made in terms of quality between GTA IV and V in five years compared to that of the last five FIFA games, then FIFA 16 is probably not worth its price. However if like me, you crave the ever so slightly better graphics and updated squads, then I'd still recommend this game, because it is, like every FIFA game released, marginally better than its predecessor.

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