Review: Frozen II (U)

Krista Volden reviews Frozen II and decides whether it matches up to the original.

Krista Volden
2nd December 2019
Frozen II still. Image, IMDB.

As the Christmas season approaches and freezing temperatures are on route, you can count on this film to thaw out the audience.  The second installment of Frozen (2013) will never be on the same podium as the original, yet it brings a warmth that reverberates the Christmas spirit.  

Directors Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee amplify the existing narrative by unveiling Elsa’s origin story - or, where she acquired her powers from.  Drawn to an unknown force, Elsa, played by Broadway star, Idina Menzel, embarks on an adventure to an enchanted land, accompanied by her lovable crew.  While these unknown forces are currently threatening her kingdom of Arendelle, the group discovers truths that date back to her and Anna’s parent’s youth.

But, there is one character that truly embodies Frozen - Olaf

Beauty & The Beast (2017) star Josh Gad returns as Olaf in Frozen 2. Image:IMDB

Led by the performances of Kristen Bell, who plays Anna, and Jonathan Groff, who plays Kristoff, the audience is cognizant of why these characters are lovable.  Their quirkiness, passion, and down-to-earth personas are heightened in this continuation, while also making room for exciting newcomers. But, there is one character that truly embodies Frozen - Olaf.  

Josh Gadd, who plays the beloved Olaf, adds a humorous temperament to this frozen universe.  He exemplifies unyielding friendship, trust, and love - regardless of the situation he encounters.  Olaf’s infallible commitment towards his friends depicts the Christmas spirit and encourages us to do the same towards our loved ones this season.  While Disney has produced a substantial number of great characters throughout the years, Olaf may just be my favorite!            

This film is also visually stunning, showcasing how far animation has come!  And, while the music in this sequel will be overshadowed by the hits of its predecessor, they stand on their own - you will still undoubtedly hear the non-stop succession of plays on the radio … so get ready!  

Sequels are often irrelevant and can even damage the reputation of the original.  Frozen II neither taints nor outshines the first installment. Considering the time of its release and the immense recognition of its forerunner, this film will assuredly “melt” the audiences’ hearts.

Rating: 4/5

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